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"Come on Spock, pranks are fun!" You insist, dragging your boyfriend Spock to a rec room. You knew that Captain Kirk would be there, most likely asleep. You gave him tons of stuff to do so he would be exhausted.

"Pranks are illogical." Spock said, stumbling after you. You were holding his hand and literally dragging him.

"Yes, Spock, but they're fun!" You insist, grinning widely. You quietly walked into the rec room, making sure Kirk was asleep before you walked in further. He was.

You walked over to his communicator and shut it off. That was your prank. Turning off his communicator. Not very big, but it could be very affective.

"This could have massive consequences. There could be an emergency and we won't be able to get in contact with the captain, especially since he's asleep. I've learned while on away missions that once the captain is asleep, he stays asleep." Spock said, trying to convince you to undo your small prank.

"Spock, stop worrying. It's fine. I promise." You say, kissing him quickly. "I'll see you after work."

"I'll see you after work." Spock said, walking to a turbo lift to go to the bridge.

Later that day, things did go wrong. A Klingon attack to be exact. They had came out of nowhere and started shooting. The ship rocked and moaned under the pressure of the shots.

Kirk slept through it all. The ship was being destroyed and he never woke up and noticed. His communicator had a loud alarm, but it was shut off. The ship's alarms don't really penetrate through the walls and doors of the rec room.

Who knew one little prank would result in so many problems. "I told you turning off the Captain's communicator was a bad idea." Spock told you after the attacks. Kirk had lectured everyone on the importance of waking him when something like this happened.

"I know, but how was I supposed to know the Klingons would attack?" You ask, trying to call him down. Spock was always more worked up after stuff like that.

"I don't know how, but you shouldn't have shut the communicator off." Spock insisted. You looked down at the ground and nodded, feeling shame for what you did. "I'm sorry, was I harsh?"

"No, I just agree with you and feel guilty." You mutter, staring at your feet as you walked.

"I am sorry Y/N." Spock apologized, stopping you in the hallway. He kissed you and then walked back to the quarters with you.

"Sorry.." You say.

"Had I'm sorry for this." Spock said before kissing you again for a long time in your quarters.

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