Winter Snow

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When snow comes to Magnolia, it falls with such silence and beuty. This never occured to Gajeel Redfox, the Iron Dragon Slayer. As far as he knew, snow was annoying. It was cold and wet outside. That ment wearing a coat, which didn't settle too well with him.
He also did not understand the holidays and why everyone became so happy. For him it was like any other day, except unnecessarily cold. Not that he ever complained out loud. Nobody heard him complain. Ever.
Pantherlily stayed a few steps behind him, wearing a doll sized coat, small pants, and tiny boots to go with it. The exceed seemed to to be more curious about the snow. After all, it didn't snow in Edolas. He liked the fact that he could see his foot prints when he walked. His breath fogged in the air, something that had fascinated him since the weather turned cold.
By habit, they were headed in the direction of the the guild. The snow made a crunching sound with every step. Not many people journeyed out in this weather, so the streets were empty, and the snow was fresh on the ground. His dragon slayer nose, though, caught the smell of someone familiar. It was Levy McGarden. 'What's shrimp doing here?' he thought, a shiver running down hjs back. He shrugged it off. 'Must be the cold.' At this point he was almost to the guild. He continued his treck to the guild with Pantherlily. Once the guild was in sight, he crashed into a tiny wall. That wall also "eep"ed.
"Huh?" Gajeel quickly looked down and saw Levy, who chose then to look up from her book. "Watch where yer goin' why doncha?"
"He means, I'm sooooo sorry, Levy. I was so zoned out that I didn't see you there,'" Lily quickly "translated". Gajeel knew his cat was now in full on teasing mode. He hated when Lily did that. Lily looked up to Gajeel and gave his most "innocent" smile he could manage. (Lets just say it wasn't going to convince Gajeel anytime soon.) For now, Gajeel would let him have his "fun". Levy was prepared to go aound Gajeel to get where she was going. "Sorry, Gajeel. I have to go," she gave no notice to a suddenly flustered Gajeel. She headed into the center of town, her face bright red and warm. Meanwhile, Gajeel was pink cheeked and wide eyed. 'Why is she in such a hurry?' he thought.


Part 2 is coming up... I dont know when... I have to get over school first. Funny, I started to write this in english instead of writing a very important paper. Oh well, procrastination isn't that new to me.

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