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Gif: Is it just me, or does Michael and Luke wearing millions for bracelets on their wrists scare the living shit out of me?


"Holy shit."

Ashton and Michael's eyes widened, looking from Calum to Luke. Luke and Calum were staring at each other, shocked. "Y-you're an officer," Luke observed, keeping his eyes on Calum's, "I remember saying you wanted to be one."

Calum nodded. "Yeah," he breathed, "H-how's Brooklyn? Haven't seen her in a while." "Good," Luke said simply, feeling a bit uncomfortable, "She's good." The bell then rang, signaling lunch was over.

"Saved by the bell." The four boys mumbled in unison, Ashton clearing his throat. "Why don't you three come over for dinner tonight," he suggested, "Catch up, talk, n'stuff. Single teachers don't really have lives outside of school."

Luke chuckled as Michael snorted, Calum rolling his eyes. "Sounds good," Luke agreed, kids beginning to walk into the classroom, "I can drop off Brooklyn if-" "No no," Ashton said, waving his hands, "Bring her. It'll be fun to hang around a kid, and being around other adults so it's not just me who's watching them."

"I watch them, too!" Michael defended, raising his hands up in surrender. The kids that were in the classroom laughed, making Michael grumble and lower his hands.

Calum laughed, pecking Michael's lips. "I gotta go, babe," he smiled, "See you tonight." Michael smiled softly, nodding, Calum walking out the door, trying not to scare the little children walking by.

"I'll text you the directions," Ashton told Luke, pressing his hands together and pointing them at the blonde, "See you tonight." Luke nodded, keeping his balance when his leg was attacked by a miniature figure.

"Daddy!" Brooklyn exclaimed, clinging onto Luke's leg. Luke chuckled, bending over and rubbing her back. "Daddy has stuff to do," he told the little girl, "Go play with your friends."

He didn't hear the snickering of the other students and a quiet, "The imaginary ones." But Ashton did.

He gave a stern look to the students, making them quickly stop what they were doing and take their seats.

Ashton pried Brooklyn off Luke's leg, giving him a warm smile. Luke smiled back, kissing Brooklyn's forehead, before walking out the door and closing it.

Brooklyn shuffled to her seat, resting her head in her hands so she wouldn't be seen by other students. Ashton turned swiftly to his students, crossing his arms and giving a harsh glare.

"What was that?"


Ashton straightened the tie on his informal attire, mumbling to himself as he looked at himself on the mirror. He wasn't dressed fancy, but it wasn't casual, either. Ashton was never a fancy person, but he knew when he needed to be formal. This wasn't formal.

He was wearing khakis, a purple and white polka-dot tie over a simple white button down shirt. He was wearing black Vans, his contacts in and his hair it's regular curly state.

Michael was there already with Calum, them both in simple black skinny jeans and long sleeved shirts. Calum in Converse and Michael wearing simple black combat boots. They were a little more casual.

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