Chapter 2 (Hello L.A.)

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I slept for 9 hours out of 10, now I'm playing  Candy Crush when they announce that we are now landing in L.A.

We walk over to baggage claim and got our bags and went outside to look for our uber driver.

After 3 mins of searching we found him and he took us to our house.

"Wow," was all I could say.

"Do you like it?" my mother asked.

"No...I love it '' my mother smiled.

"Good , oh we also brought something from London'' my father said after getting our bags from the car.

"What?'' I asked.

"Go look in the garage '' my mom said.

I went to the garage and saw my baby it was my white Lamborghini Aventador.

I went to the garage and saw my baby it was my white Lamborghini Aventador

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"OH MY BABY!" I screamed 

"Thanks," I said.

They just smiled and nodded their heads. 

We went inside and I went up the stairs to look for my room, it was black with little red polka dots and I have a huge walk in closet and a balcony.

I went back downstairs to see a note on the fridge from my parents.

'Dear Sophia'

'We're sorry we had to leave on the first night at the new house but we have a 2 week business trip in New York there is your own credit card on the table, you will also be starting school tomorrow so, you can go to the mall and buy some school supplies'.

Love Mom and Dad ;)

I read it and threw it in the garbage , Of course they wouldn't stay on the first night .

I went upstairs and got my purse and car keys to my baby and drove to the mall.

I parked and got out of the car and heard some wolf whistles, I ignored them and went to Forever 21 and Zara  to buy some clothes and I went to Foot Locker to buy some Jordans and some new Timberlands .

On my way to the food court I bumped into something hard , which turned out to be someone. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry".

"It's cool,just watch where you're going," mystery guy said and walked off.

I went to Starbucks and got at a frappuchino and walked back to my car to see some guys around it.

"Oi get away from my car now '' I said in the deadliest tone I could muster up.

"Or else what'' one of them said.

I went up to him and twisted his arm behind his back, while he yelped in pain .

"Step away from my car or this is what will happen to you guys '' all the boys scattered away, I let go of his arm and walked up to my car and got in, through the mirror I saw mystery guy smirking at me .

I then drove off and went home and put away my clothes and shoes .

Two weeks at the new house by myself , I think I should throw a party on Friday.

I set my alarm and went to bed .

Hello L.A.


Hello my peeps hope you enjoy this update

love Alyssa xoxo

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