Chapter Thirty-Three» The Rangers

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A haunting silence fell across the room. Rolling through each corner, allowing the deafening reality to fall around. Washing across.

Silence became the most powerful weapon as I remained in complete bafflement, staring ahead at the woman before me.

She looked the very definition of perfect. Everything about her was flawless, from the way she dressed to the way she looked. Her piercing dark eyes staring ahead, a mission splurging in them.

She looked like a born leader. As if she had the strength to lead an army on her own. Yet she remained shackled, witheld backwards.

Gripping against the bag in her hand, the woman stalked forward. A sly smirk rolling on her lips. Making me inhale sharply, feeling intimidated by her accusing stare.

" Well, if you weren't here playing house and make-believe. You would know the Rangers had an attack. The boys got in to a fight, and there Prez was no where in sight" She spat drawing her sentences, the mock evident in her words as Omar tensed. His figure standing straight at the woman who now stood in front of him. Her eyes glaring daggers.

" Don't talk shit Sarah. The boys wouldn't do that. We had an agreement" Omar growled taking his phone out, allowing Sarah to roll her eyes, before they trailed towards mine. A dark glint dancing through them.

" It is true. My brother can't be cleaning up after you all the time. Dad might as well should have given the Rangers to him. You're slacking behind Omar, even the guys at the joint agree" She muttered reaching towards the man's top before running a hand through the crease. A smirk plastering her lips.

It happened all too fast as Omar reached towards her wrist, moving her hand away. Leaving the woman dumbfounded by the sudden act.

" If the men think I don't deserve to lead, tell them to come and say it to my face. Grow a pair and say it to me" He growled almost animalistic. His words soaring across the now eerie quiet kitchen making me tense, my breathing hitching.

Unable to recognise the man before me. I slowly stood up, now behind Omar's towering figure. Seeing his back flexing, as he inhaled sharply. Crossing his arms, his eyes trained on the woman before him.

Her features immediately changed as she plastered a smile on her face yet the irration evident in her eyes.

" I'm sorry baby, I'm just worried. The boys have been going out of their minds. They need their Prez, dad would have wanted this too" Sarah whispered lovingly cupping Omar's cheek who moved away. His eyes snapping towards me.

Clearing my throat, I felt as though I was intruding in their personal affair as I found myself rounding Omar's built figure and walking out of the large kitchen. Hearing his loud voice speak behind me.

" Naina, where are you going?" He asked softly his words echoing across the eerie quiet hall, making me tense. My breathing hitching.

Turning around, I glanced through my shoulder seeing his worried face look at me. Hundreds of emotions flashing through his eyes. It was as though he wanted to say something yet something was holding him back. Caging him in.

" I am going to bed" I answered detached unable to stay here any longer. Inhaling sharply I turned around and strided down the large hallway, seeing the illuminating chandelier float it's light all across.

Looking around I could see the double doors were open, making me walk towards it. Feeling the cold breeze wash inside.

She must have left it open.

I thought inwardly, before reaching towards the handles and gripping against it. Merely glancing upwards I felt the blood draining out of me. My eyes widening like a saucer seeing the sight before me.

A large crowed of bikers remained on the patio. Their motorbikes headlights flashing across the walls making me tense. My breathing halting.

Men and women dressed in leather, with bandana's covering their faces glanced at me. The darkness of the night floating across their features. Looking around the large patio, all I could see where motorbikes and cars parked in front of the large house. Some talking amongst themselves, whilst some had their gaze trained on me. Stalking my every movement.

A man in particular with a black bandana, covering his face glanced at me. His hand slowly reaching upwards and taking it off revealing his face. I could feel my breathing hitching, seeing his dark blue eyes glance at me. A small faint scar remaining on his left cheek.

He had the outdoor woodcutter look. His brown disheveled hair strands falling on to his face. Placing a cigarette in his mouth, the man slowly glanced up at me, lighting it up before taking a long drag.

Swallowing the lump in my throat I averted my gaze, feeling intimidated by this stranger. Closing the door, the last thing I saw was his dark blue eyes staring at me. As though the could see straight through my soul. Yet little did I know, this wouldn't be the last time I'll be seeing him.

Turning around I felt my body tensing all of a sudden, seeing Omar's large figure standing in front of me. His charcoal black eyes trained on my Hazel ones. Hundreds of emotions running through them. Beside him stood Sarah, her thin curvy figure sporting the black leather jacket as she smirked at me. As though I was an insect on her shoes, an annoying pest she would gladly get rid of.

" Naina it isn't safe. You should go to sleep, I'll call Suhaib or your cousin. Stay here" He whispered softly, glancing at me in reassurance making me nod. Not knowing what was happening. Why did it feel as though everything was about to collapse. The very little hope I had built would soon crash down.

A sudden knock on the door broke our stare off. Striding towards the door with her tall heels, Sarah opened it allowing the man from earlier to step inside.

Inhaling a sharp breath I glanced at Omar, seeing the man step in front of me. Almost blocking the strangers prying eyes.

" Zachary, good to see you Brother" Omar spoke monotone. Shaking the man's hand who in return nodded, retuning the gesture.

Leaning towards Omar slowly, the man whispered something in his ear, his dark blue greyish eyes snapping towards me. An unknown emotion splurging through them. Opening his mouth, he uttered a simple sentence leaving my body withering in fear. Not knowing what was happening. As he spoke, his icy cold words sending daggers down my spine.

" Omar! We're Under Attack"

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