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Dirty Liam Imagine 2

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Dirty Liam Payne for alexisDasilva

I was running my usual rout I run every morning when suddenly someone came up beside me. “Race you to Star Bux!” he shouted. I giggled as I watched my best friend Liam sprint off down the road. I took a deep breath and raced after him. I easily caught up and overtook him but as I was about to enter Starbux he sprinted through the doors before me. “I totally whooped your arse!” he claimed chuckling. I gave him a confused look and said “You beat me by less than a second.” We ordered our coffees and spent the next 20 minutes bickering about who won while drinking our coffee.

After finishing our coffees Liam and I jogged back to his house. When we got there we sat on the couch watching TV, still puffed from our run. Then Liam’s phone rang “Its Harry.” Liam said, as he answered the phone and put it on loud speaker. “Hey Harry what’s up?” Liam asked. “Not much, I was just calling to see what you’re doing.” Harry replied. “HI HARRY!” I yelled into the phone. “Hi Alexis!” Harry yelled back and then cracked up laughing. “What’s so funny?” Liam asked. “I just figured out why you are so puffed.” Harry explained. “What? Wait…? NO! WE JUST GOT BACK FROM A JOG!” Liam said sounding stressed. “Whatever you say man.” Harry said before hanging up.

There was an awkward silence after that. I have always liked Liam more than a friend but have never expressed those feelings because he only likes me as a friend…I think. “Alexis….” Liam started but paused. “Yeah?” I prompted. “What if what Harry was thinking came true?” he asked hesitantly. I thought about what he said then asked “Are you suggesting what I think?” I asked raising an eyebrow. Liam looked into my eyes and then at my lips then back into my eyes with his chocolate brown orbs.

We then both began kissing passionately and I pulled his shirt over his head as he did the same to mine. He then pulled my jogging pants off and my sports bra so now I was only in my underwear. He began massaging my breasts and I moaned while roaming my hands over his toned chest and abbs. I then slipped my hand into his skins and palmed his member, making him moan.

Liam then lifted me up and I wrapped my thighs around his waist and he walked us into the dining room and sat me on the table. Somehow he managed to peel my underwear off. He started massaging my clit, causing me to moan loudly. He then pulled his skins off and I was shocked at his 10.2 inch member (don’t ask me how I know this… nah I found it on Tumblr). He then positioned himself at my entrance but stopped before entering me and looked in to my eyes and asked “are you sure?” it was cute how he was so caring yet still extremely sexy. “you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this!” I exclaimed. With that he thrusted hard into me, making me moan As his thrusts got faster and harder our moans got louder. As we were both reaching our highs we were moaning each other’s names repeatedly.

I felt my walls tighten and I came on Liam’s member causing him to cum inside me.

We sat/stood there panting for a while. When we got our breath back Liam said “I’ve been wanting to do that to you ever since I first laid eyes on you.” I was shocked and replied “me too, I was just too afraid to make the first move and I didn’t think you liked me more than a friend.” I looked down as I said the last part. Liam lifted my face so we were looking into each other’s eyes and said “I think I love you Alexis, will you give me the honour of being my girlfriend?”


Hey guys, sorry i avent updated in ages. I had exams :( but i finished them and passed all of them :) YAY!!

Anyway, i am having a little comitition/vote because i have holidays in two weeks so i will try to get some writting done, i want to start a new fan fiction seeing as my Liam Payne fanfic was deleted. But i dont want it to be based on sex like that one, instead i want it to be something completely different. for example: vampire, werewolf, magical, undercover, protector or something allong those lines. I would really apreciate it if you could post a coment on an idea you like or want me to write about. Once we've decided what the story is about i will post another request and launch a cover compitition cause ive seen a heep of people do that and my iPad has broken so i cant make it myself :'(

PS: i am currently altering the 'Dirty Liam Payne' fan fiction so i can repost it :)

50 days utill my birthday!!!! :) YAYYYYYY :) better stay off the roads people...... hahaha

bye lovelies xx

 ~ Ash xx

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