5: First Sonogram (His POV)

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Me and Sarah were now getting ready to go to the doctor. Today we had our first sonogram! I was a bit nervous, but Sarah wasn't. She assured me everything would be fine.  She came down the stairs looking beautiful as ever.

"Are you ready babe?" I asked her

"Yes, lets go, I'm so excited to see our baby" Sarah said with the biggest smile on her face.

We left the house and started the drive to the hospital.

*At the hospital*

Me and Sarah were now sitting in the waiting room waiting for our names to be called. I looked over at my wife, and she had this look on her face, a look she only got when she was thinking.

"Sarah what are you thinking about?" I asked

"How did you know i was thinking about something?" She said.

" You have that look on your face" I chuckled.

"  I was just wondering  if we would be able to find out the gender today" Sarah said.

" Let's hope so" i said.

And before we knew it it was our turn.

"Sarah Horan?" A female nurse called. We both stood up and followed her.

Once we where in her room the nurse introduced herself.

"Good afternoon Mr and Mrs Horan. I'm nurse Olsen. The doctor will be with you shortly" she said.

After a few minutes a much more elderly ( as in she was in her 40's ) doctor came into the room.

"Hello, I'm doctor Wilson, and i will be doing your sonogram today" she said.

"Good afternoon I'm Niall and this is my wife Sarah " i greeted the doctor.

" So Sarah if you can just lie down on the table  for me please?" The doctor asked. And Sarah did as she was told.

"Now this may be a little cold" she warned.

The doctor put the gell on Sarah's stomach and did her thing, she took the tests they do, and then she got this wired look on her face.

"Doctor is everything ok with the baby?" Sarah asked scared.

"Yes, everything is ok. But i am picking up two heartbeats here" she said.

"What does that mean?" I asked

"Well Mr and Mrs Horan you're having twins" she said with a smile.

"OMG I can't believe it, twins I'm so happy right now " i sid and Sarah was crying happy tears.

"It's still to early to tell the gender of the babies, but you are 14 weeks along, but at your 20 week scan we should be able to find out the genders if you want to know them?" And your due date will be June 16th 2016 The doctor said.

"Yes, we would love to know the genders" both Sarah and i said.

The doctor wiped the gell of Sarah's stomach and printed pictures for us!

"Doctor, will i be able to fly during my pregnancy? Cause i travel a bit for work, " Sarah said.

"Yes flying is ok, up until it's 6-4 weeks left of your pregnancy. You just need a card that says how far along you are, otherwise I'm not allowed to let you fly" the doctor said.

"Ok, thank you so much " my wife said.

After that we left to have lunch. I was beyond happy and i knew Sarah was to. This was just the perfect day!

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