"Ms. Thirlwall, I asked you here to speak about Perrie Edwards." My back straighten at the mention of my blonde friend.

"She was found in the school toilet, fainted."

"Is she alright? Where is she?!"

"She's absolutely fine, she's in the Nurse office. I'm sure you're worried, but that's not what I want to talk about."

I settled down on my chair, a nagging pit bubbling in my stomach.

He pulled out a brown folder from his drawer, "I checked her school record, it said here that she hasn't attended for weeks. I am aware that her grades had gone better, but it shows here that it just went downhill lately." He removed the glasses from the bridge of his nose, rubbing hie eyes before staring at me straight in the eyes.

"Now, I'm aware that you are a close friend of her, if you know anything about her sudden change of behavior, please tell me. I would like to help her with anything going on in her life."

"I would tell you if I knew sir, but... I have been trying to solve this mystery myself."

"Very well then, I understand."

"I tried calling her mother earlier, but I found out that her mother left for a business trip in the states, correct?" I nodded. "We'll use our best ability to reach her. But for the meantime, could you assist Perrie home and make sure she was a suitable amount of sleep tonight."

"Thank you Mr. Moris, I'll keep you update." I found myself rushing to the clinic. I quickly opened the door to see Perrie lying down on the bed peacefully asleep.

"Is she alright?"

"She hasn't slept in a while, she keeps waking up every hour. It is not healthy, if she keeps this up... we won't know what the consequences are. I suggest you need to let her see someone, but this decision cannot be made until her mother comes back."

"Of course."

"I wrote Perrie an excuse letter for today's missed classes, it's all taken care of." She responded and I thanked her.

I went to Perrie's side, shaking her awake. "Pez babe, we're going home. She groaned but stood up anyway, running her fingers through her hair and rubbing the sleeping from her flustered face.

We left the school and Sam's car pull up in front of us. "Hey guys!" His unforgettable class A smile popped up as the car window slid open. Perrie's eyebrow arched as I ran to apologize to the man. "Shit, I'm sorry Sam. I totally forgot!"

"It's alright."

"It's not! You're going to get late to futebol practise." I cringed at my response. I just admitted that I memorized his whole schuedule. I sound like a freaking creepy stalker. "Nah, I'm skipping today. I was just going to pick up Mitchell before we go dance practise, he won't mind waiting a few minutes."

"Now, get in. I'll bring you guys home." He smiled so sweetly, I just to had to accept his offer. I pushed Perrie's tired body in the car, and set her head on my shoulder for support.

"Hey Edwards, I didn't know you came to school today, didn't see you in Chem." He said while buckling his seatbelt. "Yeah, I only came here to clear to the teachers why I didn't come to school." She lied, they were staring at each other intensely in the rear mirror, as if they were having a battle with their eyes.

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