[Chapter 2]

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*Jade POV*

One week...

One week, Perrie's been gone for a week. I'm worried about her. I tried calling her multiple times already, but it all went straight to voice mail. Been to her house, her bedroom door was locked, she wouldn't let of us in.

I have decided that I'm going to her house after school like I do everyday, and attempted to talk to her again. I swear if this turns out to be like the book <Since you've been gone>, where her bestfriend mysteriously disappears, and all she leaves me is a stupid to do list. I'm going to track her down like a dog, and kill her for leaving me without any explanation.

It was free period, I have nothing to do, it's not like I have friends to hang out with. It has always been Perrie and me, the inseparable duo. I walk over to my locker to get my required book for next class. But a jolt of happiness struck my body when I saw the blonde beauty standing by her locker. Her shoulders slumped down, her hair sticking up in a few places and it looks like that she wore her uniform in a hurry, not bothering to make it look presentable.

"Pez!" I ran towards her, hugging her like we haven't seen each other for years. She gave me a small smile and hugged back. "What's been up with you lately?"

"I'll explain later." She answered while she grabs a book from the metal cabinet and shuts it close. I noticed how the bags under her eyes look like they could carry a baby kangaroo and how her eyes were red as if she hasn't slept in a year.
"I'm going to class first, see you later." She pecked my cheek before running off to the direction of our classroom.

"But we have the same class, don't we?"
She sent a tight raise from the lips before running off. I watched her disappear into the crowd.


"Jade!" A smile summoned on my lips upon seeing Sam. We've known Sam for years now, his dad basically owns the school. He's captain of the football team and part of the dance team that makes every girl look at him with lovesick heart eyes.

"Hey Sam."

"We still on at Friday right?" A smile showcasing his perfect white teeth was sent as he stood in an acceptable distance, making sure he wasn't intruding in my personal space. "Of course."

This week has been eventful, not only has Perrie been acting strange, Sam has also asked me out. I was always attracted to him, I am a sucker when it comes to ripped guys. What can I say? I'm part of the lovesick heart eyes posse.

"Does seven sound good?"

I'm not considered was never considered as a pleb at school, but I was certainly not close to the ranking of the populars.

"Sounds perfect."

"Great, see you after school then." He's been driving me to Perrie's house after telling him that there's where I go every night. He thinks that Perrie is sick, I never once mentioned about Perrie's strange mood swings.

School went on slowly, Perrie not showing herself after our encounter in the hall. She wasn't in class when I arrived, I waited by her next class, she never came. I assumed she left again until Mr. Moris told me to visit after school.

"Mr. Moris?"

"Ah Jade, you came." Jonathan Moris is our school counselor. He was a man in his 40s, his desk was neatly arranged with a photo frame of his family. He always smiled that I thought his cheeks were permanently implanted to smile through every situation.

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