Chapter 57

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Thirst, starvation and a little light-headed.

It was to the point that she couldn't remember the days, the month and slowly every inch of her body became weaker. Pins and needles prickled at numerous times, the only way to ease the sensation was to try wriggle her legs only they were limited from moving. Two iron hands gripped tightly, the faint redness poking on the surface of her skin. Did she know where she was? Unfortunately her vision was masked into darkness ,it was only sound of her heavy breaths or the minor sound of running water dripping slowly onto the concrete floor below her. There was this horrendous smell, musky, putrid as if something or someone hadn't been washed for weeks. Her hands were bound together, tight that she felt she was loosing circulation around her wrists.

Everything had gone in such a flash, that she couldn't explain what happened. Perhaps it was clear when she felt two hands clamp around her waist, then stuff her mouth with cloth that her screams became muffled and then she was dragged away from daylight.

Only where was she now?

Four days earlier.

Harper couldn't dare not believe Violet. After all, she did a great job at believing everyone else without thinking it over. Only she couldn't deny the truth that came from Violet's mouth.

Harper clutched the paper envelope in her hand as she pushed the glass doors forward. Heading towards the lifts, she claimed the vacant one pushing the button to the top floor. Once out, she met the PA discussing little before she was given the all-good to go in. Harper took a deep breath, exhaling all her fear out as she straightened her composure and lifted her head high taking confidence strides to the office floor.

Harper entered, closing the door behind her then approached his desk. Ethan glanced up meeting with a smile.

"Harper. What brings your great presence here?" He said, clasping his hands together. Harper innocently smiled in return then gently she placed both hands on the end of his desk as she leaned forward. "Why, I thought we could chat." Ethan lifted his one eyebrow up smirking as his eyes glinted at the sight directly before him. Harper wetted her bottom lip purposefully then brought her hair to one side of her shoulder that her neck was naked on that side now. Ethan nodded . "Sure, we can talk." Smiling as he got up, his eyes failed to keep from flickering back to her cleavage poking from her blouse. Ethan glided his fingers across the desk, his eyes growing with hunger as he spoke. "I am glad you came. We haven't spoken for a while. I must say you look rather beautiful." Biting gently on his bottom lip as he stopped inches from the side of her.

"Thank you." Harper smiled as she gracefully moved her head to the other side facign away from him.

"My pleasure. So....what do you want to talk about?" He asked innocently. Harper laughed. "I was hoping you would be the conversation starter." Ethan joined in little, until Harper's skin prickled as she felt his hand gently on her back still he was directly to the side of her.

"Well. let's see...." Ethan muttered, his words faintly drifting away. Harper could feel him move slowly around her, his hand following until he was directly behind her. Harper gently stood up, instantly feeling him move closer that he rested his head just above her shoulder. Harper said nothing as she felt him plant a delicate kiss onto her neck, only she closed her eyes for a second.

"You know, I won't lie but I've always felt a attraction towards you. Truly you are beautiful." Ethan muttered once again, gently snaking his hands around either side of her waist.

"Really?" Harper asked as she felt him place another kiss another her neck.

"Indeed." Ethan said. Harper slowly turned in his free embrace that she faced him and her lower back was pressed against the desk. Ethan flashed a scheming smile as he planted both hands on either side of the desk that she could not escape.

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