chapter 9 Not good enough

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Chapter nine                                                                                               Not good enough

I am guessing that my mom called the cops.

Maybee i should tex her to tell her what kind of car the have been driving, but what if they catch me? i wondered.  I slowly and quietly took out my silver phone and text to mom,

mom i heard the sirence go of, i was in their car and they drive a black S.U.V. One man is bald and name is Bob, but he changed his name to Flynn. The other guys name is Jerry and he changed his name to Ryder. I selected the key enter as my screen turned into your message has been sent. I closed my phone and sat up and slid the phone under my butt. A couple minutes later my phone vibrated and took it from under my bum. the message read,

Sweat heart I love you so dearly and the cops had just got into the shack that you were kept as a hostage in and i also told them that you drove in a black S.U.V. I have to go to the poice station and fill out some forms.

P.S. Thank you for telling me their names and fake names!

The car came to a stop. I looked out the window and found myself at the shack. BOB came over and opened the trunck door. I hopped out myself as the three of us walked over to the shack. I was thinking about running away, but to scared that they would scar me or give me a brain injury or something. We walked up to the shack door and as soon as we walked in five police man pointed there guns at us and yelled "HANDS UP."

"uh oh," whispered ryder.

"No duh it is uh oh. Stuiped head. I'll handle this just do what i do," explained flynn.

Flynn put his hands up and folded them on top of his head then flynn followed his action.

Meanwhile I ran out of the crowd and found my mom sitting on the haystack by the pole that i was chained to crying like a baby was just born.



I ran over and hugged her. we were hugging for like five minutes so i decided to pull apart.

" hunnny I am so glad i found you."

"me too."

"What are you wearing?"screamed my mom.

"Oh ummmmm they put a bomb on me." I said hoping that my mom wouldn't freak out.

"A BOMB!!!!! What nonsence are they."

"Very wild nonsenece."

We looked over at the five police man and two kidnappers.

"Move a step closer," demanded the head of the police.

they did

"move two steps back," he damanded again.

And they quickley did it.

"Slow. Slowly turn around and take two steps backward."

They did so again. Two police took out handcuffs.

Jerry and Bob looked at eachother and Bob mouthed one, two, three GO! They both turned around and kicked them in the (uhhh i think you know what i was going to type.) they punched them and punched them. Abused is more like it. Until they fell to the ground and the silence was to become. The whole room was silent except for the screams of me and my mom!

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