Sakura has a sister?! (sasuke love story)

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Name: Saya

Last name : Haruno

Elements:all elements

rank : jonin


likes: training,sleeping on the roftop and snakes

dislikes: Sakura and duck butt Sasuke

hair changes depending on her mood

can calm or make a jinchuriki go to sleep

Akatsuki has been after her for a long time now

weapons: katana's and a huge folding fan

met Gaara once when she was on a mission. they became friends. Saya would visit him everyday and when her birthday came, Gaara gave her a heart necklace that has a pic of Saya and him when they were hanging out at the training grounds in suna. And when Saya's parents forbids her from visiting him she bacame cold hearted.

on with the story



"Saya! someone wants to talk to you!" Sakura yelled which made jump up. I walked in the bath room and took a nice long shower. After that I walked out and sinced I'm not going on a missions today I changed into a normal outfit. I wore a short black dress with a butterfly choker necklace. I went downstairs to find the 3rd hokage waiting at the front door. "umm..lord hokage what can I do for you?". I asked him. "well Iruka sensei is sick today and I would like you to teach at the academy". he said. "ugh..sure". I said. he dissapeared after that and I went to the ninja academy to teach. I peep at the door and suddenly my sister and a girl with blonde hair came running through the door. They didn't notice me. I peeped again and saw all the girls fighting with each other on who would sit next to Sasuke.


"Naruto would you please move". I said but he didn't listen so I knocked him of his seat and sat next to Sasuke-kun. he was waiting patienly for the teacher to come. Just then the door opened and I saw my sister come in. "what are you doing here?" I asked. "didn't you hear Iruka sensei is sick today and he can't teach so I came here to do his job. " she said blankly then walked to the front. "OK!! everyone settle down!... I'm Saya Haruno and your teacher won't be here today so I'll be teaching you guys.we'll start off with itroduction when I point to you say your name" she said. she first pointed at shikamaru and so on. at last everyone has introduced themself. Saya began teaching but I really wasn't listening to her lessons. I was staring at Sasuke for a long time thats when the bell rang. "Class dismissed.." she said and disappeared. I went home to find her reading a book. I sat next to her and right when I was about to ask her a question a knock came at the door. I opened it to see a jonin standing there. "Is your sister here?" he asked I noded and I went to get her. they started talking and I was secretly listening to their conversation.


we started talking. " listen lord hokage said tommorow is when they asigned teams at the academy and he wants you to help team 7 out. he woudn't tell me who's in that team but you'll find out. oh and Iruka is fine now." he said. I noded and he disapeared. After that convesation I went up to be room and changed. I brushed my teeth and as soon as I hit my pillow I went to sleep. I had a pleasent dream until It changed into a nightmare. so I woke up in the middle of the night. I changed into skinny jeans and a t-shirt that said tough cookie with an angry cookie with arms and legs.I jumped out of my window and went for a walk. suddenly I bumped into a dark figure but it turns out to be duck butt Uchiha?!... he help me up " What are you doing here duck butt?" I said. "hn..." was all he replied. "well are ya gonna answer or not?!" I asked a a little bit impatient and irratated. I stormed off and I notice that my hair turned red so I calmed down and it changed into black.



I woke up to see the sun shining at my face. I groaned and did my morning routine. I walk downstairs and mom had cook breakfast for us so i ate while Sakura on the other hand was eating like a pig. "gee.. Sakura slow down" I said. "Can't! today is the day Iruka sensei is asigning teams and I know they will put me into sasuke-kun's team I just know it!"she exclaimed and dashed of to the academy. I finished my breakfast and walked to the academy. 'glad I'm not a genin anymore' I said to myself. I sat down next to Sakura and Naruto. Iruka showed up and asign teams. "Team 7 will be Haruno Sakura,Uzumaki Naruto..." but before he could finish Naruto jumped up in the air and said "Yessssss!!!" while my sister groan and slumped down. Iruka started "Uchiha Sasuke..." but again before he could finish Sakura squealed "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!" and Naruto groaned. "and Haruno Saya" he finished. "WHAT?! why do I have to be in this team coudn't I just help other team other than them?!" I asked well more like yelled. "you guys will meet your sensei next door". he said and he finished giving everyone a team. the bell rang and everyone rushed to meet there new teamates. I sighed and walked to meet our sensei. hours past and our sensei isn't here yet. "this is what he gets for being so late!" Naruto said while he put an eraser on top of the door. "Naruto! A jonin isn't gonna fall for that!" Sakura said. Inner Sakura: YESS this stuff is the best! thats what he gets fo being sooo late!. the door opened and the eraser landed on his head. Naruto fell on the gorund laughing and Sakura was trying to apologise. Sasuke and I.. well,we stayed silent. "My expression of you guys are..I hate you!" he said.

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