Some teachers really are evil

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Here's the next chapter!!!! Enjoy!


(Lori's point of view)

Guess what time I woke up this morning? 6:00AM! Sometimes I just wish I would wake up at one specific time every morning instead of these random times! (All of this is sarcasm if you havn't noticed)

As usual I did my usual morning routine. Get up, take shower, get dressed, do hair, and eat breakfast. Once I finished I headed off to school. I finally felt close enough to normal. I still am completely worried about more people attacking me. I know I have to kill the leader if I want this all to end. Let's just hope he doesn't kill me first.

I walked into my classroom to see the flock of girls at my desk. I frowned, this was getting more and more annoying.

"YOU HAVE 3 SECONDS TO LEAVE BEFORE I CAVE YOU'RE FACES IN!!!!" I yelled at them and watched them dart back to their seats. I turned to Sasuke and smirked at him.

"You know if you keep doing that, people might think you would actually hurt them." He teased. I just smirked at him,

"Then they would have to the right idea." I said evilly. He just shook his head. I looked around the room to notice it was more hectic than usual.

"Hey Uchiha, is there a reason why the class is more crazy today?" I asked him.

"Yeah, apparently the teacher had to go on some mission so we are going to have a substitute." He said emotionless.

"Don't get too excited about not having to do anything serious today in class Sasuke."

"Hn." I just rolled my eyes. He's so weird sometimes.

"Well personally I'm glad, I don't feel like listening to the teacher today." I said.

"Oh yeah, because you actually listen to the teacher when hes here." He had a point so I just shrugged and smiled.

I was doodling in my notebook when the substitute walked in. I didn't even raise my head to look at the substitute because I was busy. That was until he spoke.

"Alright well I will be you're substitute for the day." I heard a deep voice say. I could feel my heart stop. Everything around me felt like it was starting to spin, I felt like I was going to puke. I knew that voice, it was the voice of

the leader guy who wants to kill me.

I slowly looked up to see him. He was dressed in the villages teacher uniform, I knew it was a cover. His dark brown eyes that always looked black to me were staring me down. His brown hair was somewhat short and messy. He always had and always will naturally look evil.

Fear started to surge through my body and I felt everything get more dizzy. I griped the table so hard my knuckles were white to stop the spinning, which it didn't. I knew Sasuke was probably looking at me like I was some mad-women right now, but I didn't care.

I looked back into his eyes now realizing I had looked away and just stared at them. Nobody else in the room was paying attention because they were working on some type of sheet he had passed out while I was having a panic attack. He gave me an evil crooked smile and his eyes had a malicious glint to them. Memories of what he had said to me before I ran away from my old village crept into my mind.

You are nothing but a monster.

Nobody loves you, that's why you're father beats you.

You are better off dead, and that's why I am going to kill you.