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Also, I just thought I'd share something with you. Rhys is based off someone who I'm very close to, and someone that I love very much. He's my best friend, well, one of my top two best friends! So when I'm told by someone that 'Oh God, Rhys is so cute, I want to bring him home and make him my personal sex slave' I crack up. :P Mainly because he's mine, biatches! ;D

Chapter Twenty One – But I Want To Be Harry Potter!

“Ohhhhh someone’s in the doghouse.” Miranda chanted in a sing-song voice beside me as Rhys sauntered into the house, frowning as he always did when he was pissed off.

I had walked home, avoiding the awkward drive home. And I had still managed to reach here an hour before Rhys. A tiny bit of me inside was worried when he didn’t come home, but I silenced that part of me. He was a big boy now; he was capable of getting home safely. I was the one who had walked ten miles in the freezing cold without a jacket on.

I had headed for what had been my mother’s house, which was now Tyson’s I suppose. It was still my home, no matter who owns it. And when I saw the house lit up, and the front door unlocked, I knew it screamed Miranda. She was splayed out on the couch, watching Come Dine With Me again with Maggie on the floor beside her.

Miranda had listened to me while I had explained what had happened, how Rhys had taken Tyson’s side even though he had promised we could stay. Miranda agreed with me wholeheartedly, and cracked a few jokes about sharpening her knives.

So when Rhys returned, the only greeting he received was from Miranda, and even then it wasn’t really a greeting.

“Oh shut up.” Rhys snapped at Miranda, and I could feel his eyes on me. I kept my gaze fastened on the television, while really watching Rhys out of the corner of my eye. Rhys threw his jacket off and placed mine on a hook by the door, putting his next to mine. I could see his jaw flexing as he did this. He grunted lowly and then headed up the stairs slowly.

Miranda cracked a huge grin the moment he was out of hearing range, “Man, I love it when you two are fighting. It’s hilarious. Wonder what’s going to happen tonight, eh?” She teased, idly plaiting some of Maggie’s long hair. When I didn’t reply, she continued, “I wonder how he’s going to fix this.” She mused, changing the television channel with her other hand.

“I’m just dreading Tyson coming home.” I winced, thinking about the butt-kicking I was going to get when he arrived back. I’d probably be sent to a convent where I’d have to wear a dress all day and pointy shoes while singing gentle hymns about sheep. That sounded kind of relaxing actually.

“If I know you lot well, I’d say Tyson will blame Rhys. And then tell you off for giving him cheek like that.” Miranda spoke knowingly, stroking her imaginary beard as she always did when she was thinking. That made sense, even though it was my fault I was there, I had begged after all.  

With a sigh, I eased myself onto the ground beside Maggie who had dragged her dolls house over beside the sofa. She was getting really involved in her game, and I peeked over her shoulder to see what she was doing exactly. She had the Maggie, Miranda, Rhys, Annie and Tyson figures out. Maggie had sorted them into where they were in this house, and I giggled when I saw a little wooden Rhys just dumped on the upstairs landing. Tyson was outside the house, and the remaining figures were in the living room.

“So Maggie, what’s going on here?” I asked, adding a cheery tone to my voice which I knew she could see right through.

“Well, Maggie, Miranda and Annie are in the living room discussing the wedding. Tyson is out, and Rhys is having s shower.” She explained, lifting a wooden Rhys up and putting him in the bathroom and shutting the door.

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