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*** (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~『✧~*DICKS*~✧』.

This is my first time visiting Akaashi since we split. He's come to see me but I haven't gone to him so now its my turn. Its not that far away, but its far enough that we can't see each other everyday. Everything is fine anyway. We get through it. We talk a lot on the phone, video chat almost everyday, there is nothing we can't do. Tonight I decided to just come anyway and he said that he was free. Since its been a little long, it was okay to come see him.

Apparently there was this amazing hangout spot that everyone enjoyed so much. I'm not surprised Akaashi has so many friends. Its just like usual, hearing his name come up occasionally in conversations. I just sat at my booth quietly and waited, tuning out the conversations I didn't want to hear.

What would Akaashi be wearing tonight? Probably not something provocative. I shouldn't think that. He did say he had a game earlier so maybe he'd be wearing his uniform. That was something I fantasized about. Akaashi looks great in uniform. He knows I tell him a lot, but he looks really amazing in uniform.

There was an uproar with the people that were already here. They started talking louder and I heard names being called out. More people? I looked up from the table and saw the group coming in.

And of course Akaashi was part of them.

He has a lot of friends. Anywhere he goes, he has a lot of friends. People are just attracted to him. He's pretty. He's so pretty that at first no one believes it. Pretty Boy Akaashi. I haven't even thought of that old nickname for a few months but its still relevant. Akaashi was tremendously pretty and its not like I could just stop staring at him.

I was right before. He was in uniform tonight. And that was something that made me sit up straighter. I couldn't care less about the people around him wearing the same clothes, he was the only one that stood out to me.

He had on those white pants, the ones that were so skin tight that it just morfed around his body. In pants like those, I noticed his thicker thighs a lot more. I'm sure a lot of people would notice. The colors to his uniform was red this time instead of blue like in high school, and I have to say that red looks better on him. Anything looks good on him to be honest. But sometimes, when his clothes are so tight, I get worried about what other people are thinking.

When he saw me, he told his friends he was going somewhere else and came to me. I got out of my seat so I could open my arms and let him come where he fits best. It hasn't been long but long enough that Akaashi was hugging me tightly. Then again, he does that a lot. His arms wrapped around my neck, and he laid his head on my shoulder, getting closer to me and not letting go. He also does that a lot. Akaashi is cute, I hope he doesn't forget that.

"I missed you." He said quietly to me.

Akaashi also gets home sick very easily. Anytime he sees me, he begins to ramble about going back home and not wanting to stay in college anymore. I know he won't really just quit but he tells me how he misses everything; its just a cover though, cause when he says he misses being home, he just misses being with me. I don't want him to change his mind because of me, so I'm careful what I say to him.

"It hasn't been that long, Akaashi." I told him when he let go of me.

"I know. I just miss you." He said.

Akaashi is pretty. When he took off his cap, I could see how his black hair grew out again since the last time he cut it. And like usual, he was flirting with his eyes, yet he tells me he wants to start over with his abstinence; its been like this since the first time we've done it, and nothing has happened since then either. I know Akaashi, he will torture me.

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