Chapter 1

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Jack's P.O.V

I had to pause the video... I just had to... I couldn't stand the look of sadness on Mark's face as he had said that he was lonely. My heart ached in agony as I hit 'play' on the video once again. Mark's sweet, deep voice that I loved so much, ran through my headphones as I noticed a hint of sadness. 'I hope yer ok Mark...' I thought to myself as I worried about him.

After the video was over, I sat back in my chair, my arms sprawling over the arm rests and my legs outstretched.
"Mark..." I say quietly as I look at a framed picture from our PAX 2015 meet up with me and Mark having one arm each around the other's shoulders, giving a thumbs up, and smiling happily and brightly. 'I need to go visit him!' The idea finally popped into my mind as I straightened my posture with my pointer finger extended, indicating that I had an idea.

I rubbed my tired eyes as I finally got to make my purchase on the Delta Airlines ticket to Los Angeles, California.
"Jesus! That took fooking forever..." I sighed out exhaustedly.
"Welp, flight's leavin' tomorrow at freaking 8AM. Probably should get me stoof packed." I said as I scratched the back of my head and got up lazily.

          -Time Skip Brought to You by SepticEye Sam-

"Ok, finally done." I flopped onto my bed after putting on a pair of pajama pants with Mark's logo on them. They were my favorite. I checked my phone. The clock read 2AM.
"I need some shuteye for a little while. I can't wait until I see Markimoo again." I said smiling to myself while having my hands behind my head and looking up at the ceiling. I picked my phone back up and unlocked it. I went to Skype and typed in 'Goodnight Marki :-)' because I felt like it, then closed it and went to sleep.

A/N: Hey guys!! ^w^ I hope you guys like this series! It's my first Septiplier work because I could never find a good idea for one until it popped into mind one day! But, yeah.... Enjoy the rest of it! :3 I will try my best to update this once or more times each week. Thanks! Hope you guys enjoy!

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