Chapter 14: My Akaashi

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***Random fact: Landon would be that type of guy to make sweet, passionate love to a person, like y'all don't even understand. And then there's Akaashi, good gosh. Nicest person in public but a freak in the sheets. Bless his heart. If you've read the one shots, this is the fourth one. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~『✧~*DICKS*~✧』.

Akaashi has been a lot stricter with me lately and I have to accept the fact that he wants to be abstinent. I get it. I mean, its been three weeks since I've gotten any action but I'm not bitter. I would never be. Okay, maybe just a little but that's not the point. I will respect what Akaashi wants to do which is wait. 

Tomorrow night he leaves for college. I wasn't sad or anything. I guess I've been dealing with it well. He wants to still be with me so I don't mind. I'm not all sad and depressed because nothing will change between us. We'll still be together even though we'll be far away from each other. That's not a bad thing right?

I laid in his bed, staring up at the ceiling. He was sitting at his desk reading some papers. Here I thought he would be doing something fun but college is savage with giving students summer work. I know I have some project to do for one of my classes but I don't care. Akaashi is a good student and plans on doing something with his life so I wasn't going to interfere with that. His room was cleared out of all the personal stuff. I look around and see how empty and plain his room is; I feel a bit plain just looking. I watched him at his desk and wondered what he was thinking about besides all the work he decided to do last minute. 

He's not upset. I thought he would be but he's not. He's taking it just as well as I was. Then again, anything could happen in the next twenty four hours.

"Hey, are you going to miss me?" I asked him. He glanced over at me from his desk, about to give a smart comment but then he realized I was asking a serious question.

"Well yeah." He finally answered. "But I mean, we'll always be talking so I think it will be okay." He said and looked back down at his papers.

"You won't cheat on me, right?" I asked. He told me that he didn't want to break up even though we're both going away.

Long distance relationships suck but if Akaashi wants to keep this going, I would never say no, ever. Not at all. I was just worried a bit. People like Akaashi, what if he gets swept off his feet by some other guy, or what if he gets so attracted to this one girl? What about these what ifs? I still can't take Akaashi on an expensive date. What if he lets some other person do it?

He looked at me again, this time he kept a plain face.

"You won't cheat on me?" He asked because I should be answering the same question he has to. My heart only belongs to him but I wasn't going to say something as cheesy as that.

"I won't be able to find anyone prettier than you." I said.

"I probably won't find anyone that is so willing to get to know me as much as you did." He said and turned away again, spinning in his chair.

"I try too hard." I said like he always says.

"I like that." He said softly.

It was quiet outside, raining just a bit to make people feel at peace. The only light that was on was at Akaashi's now empty desk. There were a bunch of papers he was reading. He even likes to do work in the summer even if its the last couple days for him. That's how he is. He gets a thrill out of learning things that don't even make sense to a normal person. I stared at him and smiled, patting his bed so he could come to me.

"Thanksgiving is when I can come see you for the first time after a while." I said as he got up.

"You know I'm not going to wait till Thanksgiving." He said. Well that's nice to hear actually. "I'll come by whenever I get the chance or when I'm feeling home sick." He said.

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