Chapter 26

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“Charlotte, Charlotte do you want some more Jack Daniels?” Vicki laughed as we made our way back downstairs. “Come on, Charlotte have some more Jack Daniels.”

I stared down at Vicki for a moment, before deciding that I would in fact drink.

“Oh, what the hell give me some,” I laughed as I grabbed the bottle off her.

“I have some Baileys in my room!” Jenna announced loudly. “Hang on I’ll go get it!”

I could tell that while Matt and I had been upstairs talking, they had been hitting the alcohol hard. Jenna staggered towards the door way, before turning to laugh at us all for a moment.

She began to run up the stairs, before we all heard a thud. It seemed that she had in fact fallen down the stairs.

“Jenna! Jennajennajenna are you okay?” Emily shouted up, trying to stifle a laugh. Jenna didn’t respond, but merely began running back up the stairs.

Matt shook his head at the sight of my friends, and Brian. I could tell that he was completely uncomfortable with the situation, but I wasn’t going to let him go.

He had made me feel more than uncomfortable recently and it was his turn.

“Charlotte, don’t get too drunk. Your mom will kill you” he warned. But I had no intention of going home that night. Usually we all ended up sleeping at Jenna’s anyway.

Ignoring him, I downed another giant gulp of whiskey.

We could tell that Jenna would be down soon, as her footsteps were audible overhead. She was staggering down the stairs in an ungodly fashion.

Matt sat down on the sofa and rolled his eyes at me. I pretended not to see however, I wasn’t going to give in to what he wanted.

“Guys guys guys!” Jenna shouted as she burst through the door. “You can all stay over tonight!”

Cheering dramatically, I called my mom to tell her before I got too drunk.

She seemed fine with it, and so I threw my phone down on to the floor, where it went somewhere under the sofa. I didn’t care.

We began passing the bottle of Baileys around and each taking a giant swig of the drink. Vicki had already gone overboard once this weekend and I couldn’t believe that she was allowing herself to get in such a state again.

And that was the last logical thought that entered my mind.

Crawling on the floor over to the television, Emily switched Fuse TV on.

To add to our rowdiness, Avenged Sevenfold had just came on.

“THE SAND IS SINGING DEATHLESS WORDS TO ME” Emily shrieked, standing up and throwing her hands in the air.

We all began to join in with the chorus as Brian staggered over to sit next to Matt.

“Lighten up man…enjoy the party!” he shouted in a high register in Matt’s ear.

“Brian,” Matt retorted. “Get a hold of yourself. I have to stay sober to get you home.”

“Nah…nah…I can sleep. Didn’t you hear Jenna?”

“She didn’t mean us Brian; just don’t drink anything else, okay?”

Brian shook his head as he left Matt, standing up to sing with us.

“SHOW ME WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE SET FREE!” he squealed, grabbing Vicki’s two hands and dancing around the room with her.

Because I hadn’t eaten, and because I had practically drunk a whole bottle of Baileys to myself, I was pissed out of my mind.

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