Chapter 4: More Drama The Better

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When we were in fourth period, Andrea came in with an angry face,.I didn't blame her, but hey, I did her a favor. She would've been looking like a dumbass lovesick puppy if it wasn't for me. She breezed past me and sat in the back, poor girl, I guess she didn't want all eyes on her.

Scarlet came in and sat next to me when I asked, "Where were you?"

"In the science lab, putting some things away," she answered.

When I told her about Elena, Ali, and Mr. Peny, her expression was funny. "For real?" I nodded my head.

"She's probably fucking him for more credits so she could graduate," I added.

She shrugged, considering the possibility. Ms. Polard started to lecture, leaving the class lost because she talked so fast, it was as fast as the track team's record. "Andrea, what's the answer?"

Andrea shrugged nonchalantly and continued talking to Kevin. Ms. Polard had no control of her students whatsoever.

She continued blabbering on and on and I was sick of it, "Ms. Polard, please, shut up. You talk too damn much, you bout to make me mad."

She glanced at me and said nothing. Wow, she really has no backbone, probably why she wasn't married. Scarlet shook her head as she continued texting.

Thirty minutes later, class was over, Scarlet and I headed down the hallway and to our lockers. "Ms. Polard is so weak, but trust me, one day she'll snap," Scarlet said while she turned the combination on her locker and threw her books in.

Jett came up to us and said, "Guess what I found out."

We looked at her wondered what was she going to tell us. "Karina Johnson cheated on her exams. She paid someone to take it for her," she said.

"What? Isn't she the 'smartest girl' in the school? That chick stay gloating that she's so smart. She's get into Princeton in no time," Scarlet sneered.

"See look at her, over there," Scarlet pointed to where Karina was and continued.

"Ha, too bad that we know." We glanced at each other and figured that this news wasn't going to get around by itself.

Scarlet went up to a random girl and whispered Karina's 'little secret' and the girl was shocked. She scampered off to a group of girls and told them. Scarlet walked towards us and mouthed, "There goes that secret."

Two hours later, the rumor was all over, "No, Karina is a liar, she did pay someone to take it, 'I'm so smart, I know I'm getting into Princeton.' Smart my ass," one girl sneered.

I shook my head when I opened my locker after sixth period.

I spotted Karina strutting down the aisle like she was something special, girl please. Her bright orange hair fanned out behind her as she carried her expensive Prada bag. Her Gucci sunglasses covered her light blue eyes and I could she was sizing people up secretly behind the tinted lenses.

She stopped at her locker, put in her combination, got her chemistry book, and closed her locker. Her smart rich bitch clique was standing next to me gossiping about her. She made her way to them and you know me, I had to listen.

"Hey girls," she greeted them, but none of them said anything, which got her a little confused. Apparently she didn't hear that she paid someone to take her exams for her.

"What's wrong?" she asked, looking a bit lost.

"We don't fuck with cheaters," one of the replied bluntly.

"What are you talking about?" she asked.

"Don't act stupid. You paid someone to take all of your exams for you, how do you expect to get into Princeton?? No one likes a cheater and we certainly don't like them, so steer clear of us," the girl with chestnut brown hair sneered.

Karina's sunglasses perched on the tip of her nose, giving the girls a full view of her light blue eyes.

"We know it's true, talk to Principal Sands about that," she girl sneered as they spun on their heels and strutted down the hallway, leaving Karina with a, what-the-fuck expression.

I was loving what I was seeing. She hissed silently and out of nowhere she slammed the book on the floor, grabbing everyone's attention.

She sulked away, leaving her textbook on the floor, I stared at it and walked away, like I was actually about to pick it up, ha! I left it there, she's rich, she can afford an eighty dollar obligation. I headed up the stairs and guess who blocks my path? You guessed it, Vera.

I rolled my eyes as I sighed, "What do you want?"

"The latest gossip, Karina paid someone to take her exam," she clapped.

"I know."

I brushed past her and continued quick journey to Mr. Dames class. She kept my pace as she said, "How do you know? Who told you, really??"

I didn't care and said, "Scarlet's friend told me." Hey, I had to throw other people into it other than Callie, she'll fess up and say that we don't even talk.

"Ok then, there's something I'll find out, toodles, rebel," she smirked when she turned on her heels and skipped away. What the hell??

She was pissing me off, besides, she called me rebel, bitch please, I'm so tired of this chick, she'll get what's coming to her. I plopped in the seat in the back and watched the class start to fill up. Josh sat next to me and said, "What's up?"

I shrugged and replied, "Nothing really, I'm sleeping this hour." He smirked and nodded.

Jett came in and sat to the right of me. "Hey boo," she greeted me.

I lifted my head up and smiled, "Hey."

"I heard some shit was about to go down," she said.

I lifted one perfectly arched eyebrow in confusion, what was about to go down now?

A/N: Sorry about this chapter. The question on my mind is: will Vera get what's coming to her?

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