This is my first story so sorry if it sucks , all right let get this started,........ I know I'm socially awkward ;-p

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 All I remember is running up stairs as fast as my body would take me . I did a very stupid thing ; I looked back . I knew I wasn't supposed to, but I did , 'stupid ' I thought and then as stupid as I was I tripped over nothing . biggest mistake ever and it was, because it gave him  the time he needed to catch up to me ,and kill me.

I bit my lip trying not to scream as he grabbed me by the hair. Once I was on my feet again , he just knocked me down again with a furious kick to the stomach. Ouch.

"get up, you weak , selfish, pathetic child!" his voice boomed.

I was pushed up against the wall to stand, and then he literally dragged me down the hallway. My step-father delivered to me a ruff kick to the ribs . I winced and doubled over in pain , because they still hadn't healed from last time , but I didn't cry because ,according to my step-father it meant your were weak.

"That's right, you better not cry, foolish girl, you'll will never accomplish anything. You'll live with your mother and I , even if your not worth it!" He screamed

I knew that was true ,it was all true ,I was worthless  to my step-father, to the world , and sadly even to my own mother.

I heard the door open, and I knew my mother was home. I knew she wasn't going to stop the abuse, and that hurt worse than the beatings.

"She doesn't care about you, you know. She doesn't care if you die." he scowled.

And what's sad about it is I actually believed it. I just stared at him as he looked down at me." I don't like the look you're giving me!" He shouted. Then he slapped me across the face. He then took me to the bathroom and forced me to look at myself in the mirror.

"I am going to kill you , Bridget " He said, smoothly.

He grabbed the back of my head and through me into the mirror with full force. I heard glass shattering and felt my head to toe go numb, then I slipped into a comfortable state of darkness.


For some reason I heard sobbing, I'm I dead , I'm I alive? The sound was getting louder, and  heard my mother "Oh Bridget, I know I haven't bine a good mother since John and I got married , but I hope one day you can forgive me." I heard her say.

Huh, I wonder why I'm hearing her if I'm dead that's weird.

Then, my eyelids struggled to open. They were so heavy . When I finally got them open I saw my mom crying as she sat beside me , looking down at me

'' Are you dead too?'' I asked my mom . I was surprised because my voice came out  so fragile and weak.

''Oh sweetie , I was so worried! I'm not dead, sweetheart, and neither are you.'' My mom cooed.

''oh'' was all I said

''Honey, you know I love you but your step-father, John, was arrested for attempted murder, but I bailed him out...'' she said quietly

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