Author's Note

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Considering that this story is fresh in my mind. There will most likely be frequent updates. Perhaps, sometimes more than once a week. With these updates, I expect feedback. 

This means that anyone who reads this story, I'm counting on you to comment. Let me know how you feel. You're free to comment on phrases, different scenarios, and the characters within the chapter. If you're falling in love with my characters, hating my characters, or the situation--then, I won't to know.  If I feel as though there isn't any response to this book, then I will continue to write. However, I won't be pleased at all. No feedback means that most likely I won't feel the need to update so frequently. 

I'm excited about this story and I hope that you all will be open minded and just as excited as I am. 

Comment, comment, comment.

 And if you really care vote. 

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It's all that I ask for in return for posting. 

Onto other important factors: 

*For starters, this book is going to be different than the average werewolf book. I'll be creating my own universe of werewolves with an actual background story. My werewolves are bound to a goddess and god. The goddess is what most people call the Moon Goddess, but the connection in here will be explained and different from the average werewolf story you come across. So, don't be surprised to see them praise her, pray to her, perform ceremonies to honor her, and sometimes visited by her in the flesh--not just visited in random dreams or visions. 

*Secondly, yes, gods and goddesses will be present within this book. How? Read on to find out. 

*Also, this is a romance indeed. However, there's also a story line. Love isn't always first in this case. 

*I have pictures chosen for some characters. If you want them posted then make me aware of this. Otherwise, I'll live you to imagine them how you want to. 


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