Dinner With A Vampire. Did I Mention I'm Vegetarian? (2)

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Dinner With A Vampire. Did I Mention I'm Vegetarian? (Chapter 2)  

Copyright © 2010 Abigail Gibbs 

Second chapter!! Enjoy!!! [Has been edited now, however this is an ongoing process, feedback always appreciated!!]

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We flew through the streets, speeding up to a sprint as we left the square. Kaspar had a firm grip on my wrist, dragging me along in his wake. His fingernails cut deep into my arm and I felt them tearing open my skin, gouging out considerable amounts of flesh. I silently winced but did not say anything: I would not give them the satisfaction.

We weaved from alley to alley, Kaspar at the front, leading us down roads I never knew existed. Already I could hear the whining sirens of police cars and the side streets were awash with flashing blue lights.

"Kaspar, he's involved," the boy to my right suddenly said, stopping. He turned to Kaspar as he sliced and diced my wrist, as though waiting for instruction. 

"He?" Kaspar snapped, coming to a shuddering halt. The only thing that stopped me from falling to the floor was his rigid grip on my wrist. I hissed from the pain and he looked fleetingly down, almost surprised, before he let go. "What do you mean he?"

The boy, a couple of years younger, gave the other a meaningful look. His eyes were exactly the same shade of emerald as Kaspar's and his features similar: high cheek bones, sunken eyes - a little less gaunt perhaps.

Kaspar snarled and his eyes darted upwards.

"Wait here," he ordered. He thrust me forward; straight into the chest of one of the other men. "Fabian, look after girly here."

For the second time that night I hit something abnormally rigid. He too was cold and I sprung back like I had been burnt, toppling over into the gutter beside the pavement. Instantly however, something was pulling me back upright.

I looked down in surprise. A hand almost as pale as my own had caught my wrist.

"Don't fall," a soft voice said. I followed the arm up, dazed, to find the smiling face of the boy who had jumped over me in Trafalgar Square, sky blue eyes twinkling down at me.

For a brief, ludicrous moment I admired his fair, untidy hair and muscled chest, just visible beneath the unbuttoned collar of his shirt before my mind caught up and I pulled my hand away, horrified at my thoughts. 

Unperturbed, however, he carried on.

"I'm Fabian," he said, holding the same hand back out.

Instinctively, I shrunk away, trying to conspicuously rub my hands and wrists on my coat where their blood-tainted hands had touched me. He frowned, eyeing me as I backed away, his hand left hanging in the air.

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