A and D (31)

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“Okay,” I breathed out, starting to smile.

Aaron’s eyes lit up. A breathtaking smile stretched across his features.

“Really?” he asked, a bit dreamily.

I nodded brightly. His smiled turned wider. He leaned down closing in whatever space we had left . . .


He stopped, his eyes snapping up to mine.

“What is it?” he inquired worriedly.

I felt my cheeks heat up. I looked away. My hands were in between our lips.

“Uh, I’m . . . nervous,” I added the last word under my breath in embarrassment.

Well, it was true! The first two times I’ve had it, he took me by surprise. But it was different this time. I wanted it to be special. I mean, I didn’t want to look stupid and inexperienced – even though I was inexperienced.

Aaron laughed in amusement.

“That’s nice,” I commented sarcastically, putting down my hands. “I’m glad you can see something funny about this.”

“I’m sorry,” he said, with an apologizing smile. He cleared his throat, composing himself. Then, he sighed. He neared his lips in my ear.

“Close your eyes,” he whispered, “and relax.”

I did, loving the feel of his breath sending chills on my neck. His voice itself made me feel at ease.

“Trust me,” he murmured, gently lifting up my chin.

The next thing I knew, it was as though everything slowed down . . .

And time stood still.

* * * * *

“Dakota,” said someone with a familiar voice. “Earth to Dakota.”

I shook my head and came back to the present time.

“I’m sorry, Allie,” I said, smiling sheepishly. “My head’s in the clouds lately.”

“I know,” she beamed. “Ever since you and Aaron got togeth –”

“Sshhh!” I silenced her, covering her mouth with my hand. “Someone might hear,” I hissed, wildly looking around the comfort room.

We were on our way to the Stallion Press Headquarters when we made a stop at the ladies' room. The dismissal bell rang just a couple of minutes ago.

Already a week and a half passed since Aaron and I got together (EEEEEE!!!). And I practically begged him to keep it a secret from everybody at school. I’d decided that it was better to for us that way. It took a lot of convincing because he insisted on making everyone know that I was his girlfriend (EEEEEE!!!).

I really had to stop doing that “EEEEEE!!!” thing.

The only people who were allowed to know: Both pairs of our parents, Jason, Alyson, Luke, and – as much as I disliked it – Ethan. To everybody else, we were just back to being best friends.

Anyhow, I’d been replaying all that had happened to us in my mind. I couldn’t help it. I was just so blissful. I was living my dream.

Who wouldn’t be happy when they found out that the guy they’d been in love with – for who knew long – suddenly felt the same way? Okay, maybe not the exact same way. But at least, it was close.

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