Touch Me, Feel Me, Leave Me

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Ali P.O.V

Its been so long since that day , Niall found me, almost near my death , i wish he hadn't found me. For some odd reason i wanted to die i didn't want to be alive anymore , i can fake a smile again and just keep trying .Stupid Ana thinking she was gonna get away with telling Niall about my past . That bastard will never see me again that's for sure if she says anything else to Niall. 

The hospital door opens Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn enter. They stare in shock. Maybe because after my coma of 4 months they finally get to see me awake. 

" Ali you're awake , and alive. " Niall says giving me the biggest smile in the world , tears of happiness running through his face. I smile back but why don't i feel oh so happy. 

" Well yeah now come and hug me you dumb idiot. " I say stretching my arms. Niall embraces himself inside them. I feel him smiling. 

" When will I Be able to get out? " I say to him. He pulls out of the hug.

"You've only been here for a month, you need two more weeks,and you need to go to a mental hospital. " He says , he has his eyes stinging with tears.

" WHAT?!?" I say panicking. " I'm not going to a damn hospital, I'm not fucking insane! I don't need any help!" I yell to him." Why the hell would you do this to me?" I say, Louis comes over to me , tries to keep me calm while i see Liam and Zayn take him out of the room.

" Why would you do this to me. Don't you guys love me?!?" I Say to Louis and Harry. They also have tears in their eyes.

" We do , that's why we did this to get you well again. We love you with all our hearts ,love, that's why we did this." Harry says hugging me. My blood boils with fury. How could they do this to me!!!!

" Can you guys please give me some time to think. please. "I say to Harry and Louis . they nod and leave mean while i cant help but sob my eyes out. I never thought I would end up with crazy people , exactly like my mother did. 

I guess it's in my gene's.