1. Make America Gr9

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i go on twitter and tweet something racist and turn my phone off. tomorrw is the first day of policitcs school and im so nervous. i, donald trump, do not get nervous easily so this is hard to deal with. i pull up my laptop and go on tumblr. i feel so kawaii so i put on a flower crown. xD so kawaii lol CX

i go on tumblr and scroll through my dashboard reblogging kawaii picturres of cats and dank memes. then i come across a beautiful picture. the man in the picture has white hair and wears a black suit. so kawaii!!1!1 i reblog the picture and go to his profile. he posts cute kawaii selfies and i like all of them so i send him a message.

hey itds me donald trump cx u look rly good in ur selfies so msg me back sometime xoxo -d

i feel so kawaii.

my tumblr url is xXkawaii-trumpXx.tumblr.com and my password is xxp3t3_w3ntz_l0ver_5everxx because pete wentz is so kawaii!!1!

i go to sleep so i can wake up pretyy xD


i wake up and check tumblr and see the man from last night has answrred. his url is xxbernie_beautyxx.tumblr.com because he is a beauty guru on the side.

he answered: glad to see u like my posts cx nice to meet u donald xx

i feel happy and kawaii!!1! bernie luvs mi!!!!

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