The Daily Life of Ana James

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It was strange how it all happened.

One moment Ana was seen as the sort of innocent, sweet, pretty girl in school.

Then- she was seen as 'the slut'.

Ana could tell you exactly how it happened and who was responsible.

Three years a go she had gotten a boyfriend.

She had felt a bit strange about dating at fifteen, but, she had liked Brad, so she just decided to ignore the strange feeling.

Now, being older, she knew it was the youth that did it.

Or at least some of it.

She wasn't mature enough for a relationship- maybe some people are at fifteen but-

she definitely wasn't.

She wasn't prepared to feel the heartbreak and pain that she did.

She thought she could trust Brad, she really did.

The relationship itself went well enough-

but only later on did Ana realise that she didn't care enough for him to make it work.

He clearly didn't care enough either.

Which was why he cheated on her-

and then told the school that she had cheated on him, just in case she tried to tell them what happened.

He did it because at his core he was selfish.

He was selfish and cared too much about his reputation.

So now the whole school thought of her as a slut.

No one cared to know the truth.

To uncover the truth.

There were her close friends of course, and a few other weird kids that would talk to her,

but that was it.

She was a freak.

Why couldn't there just be someone that would hear all the rumours about her and look past it and see Ana for who she really was-

a good person.

At least she hoped she was a good person.

She wasn't too sure anymore.

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