The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me [ 11 ]

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“Hello?” I cheerfully answered my phone.

“Sup, it’s Charlie.”

“CHARLES! Whatcha doing?”

Charlie sighed. “Chloe. You seriously need to stop calling me that.”

I did an exaggerated evil laugh. “NEVER!”

“Fine, do you wanna watch a movie tonight?”

My homework was done and my room was spotless, I glanced at the clock hanging off my wall…perfect, I could definitely make it.

Oh wait. What about Allie? I promised her I’d make them get together…

And I intended to make it happen.

I think…

“Yeah sure! Just the two of us?” Please say no, please say no…

“Like always, why? Is there a problem?”

“No, but do you mind if Allie comes too?” Quick think of a reason why...  “She’s asked me heaps of times to do something with her but I’ve been way too busy…”

Charlie hesitated, “Err, yeah sure, did you want to call her?”

“No, actually my mum just called me – I think she needs help in the kitchen – do you mind calling her?”

Why did I immediately say the kitchen? I’ve always been against sexist jokes about women in the kitchen…why did I say the kitchen?!

 “Yeah okay, sure, the movie starts at six-thirty, do you want me to pick you up at six for dinner?”

Imagine; Allie getting a call from Charlie and being invited by him to dinner and the movies. She’d probably hyperventilate or something.

“Yes, thanks Charles, see you soon.”

“Don’t call me Char—“

I hung up before he could finish what he was obviously about to complain about and instead, began replying to my e-mails and texts.


Dear Cupid’s Assistant,

I’m a hopeless romantic, but I’m very cynical about love.

It’s a risk to love; what if it doesn’t work out?


The sender didn’t care to mention their name – some didn’t like to. They intended to keep their privacy and I was more than understanding about that matter.


Dear Anon,

I don’t blame you for being cynical about love – we don’t see it much in real life as we do in movies.

In regards to your statement & question:

It’s a risk to love; what if it doesn’t work out?

Ahh, but what if it does?




I scrolled down and answered eighteen of ninety-six messages. I decided to do the rest after I came back from the movies.

I got up, logged off and turned on the speakers as I put my ipod in.
I chose any random song that matched my feeling and began dancing while I got ready.

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