Chapter 10 *edited*

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This is the last chapter that has been edited so far. Warning: the following chapters were written like seven years ago and suck (in my opinion). 

~Alyssa's POV~

"Now for the hardest part of the party preparations: your drop-dead fabulous look. So...what should we do?" Alice mumbled excitedly, examining me in the bathroom mirror. I knew her question was more rhetorical than an actual question, so I kept quiet. "Oh, I know the perfect look for you!"

She talked excitedly about fashion magazines she had been reading recently, and how I was going to look like one of the models in them, then went on to trying to convince me of how amazing an idea it would be for her to become a professional fashion designer and makeup artist. She sped into my closet and returned milliseconds later with a blue dress that hung down to my mid-thigh, and silver flats. Makeup was done fairly quickly, but not fast enough to save me from the anxious nerves that flew around my stomach while I waited to see what kind of Barbie doll she turned my face into today. The sparkles spread out everywhere were a bit much, but by far not the worst she's done.

When we finally walked downstairs into the living room, everyone shouted, "Happy Birthday", and I was scooped up into one of Emmett's bone-crushing bear hugs.

I was set down on the couch, in front of a huge mound of presents. It was overwhelming how extravagant the Cullens were sometimes. Birthdays were not much more than a new book and a homemade cake back on the Reservation. It was almost a little intimidating.

"So, who's present do you want to open first, Birthday Girl?" Alice asked me.

Emmett was sitting a few feet from me, pointing to himself enthusiastically and mouthing 'Mine'. I laughed and rolled my eyes at him.

"I guess I'll open Emmett's first, before he bursts with excitement."

A long, thin box was thrusted into my hands, and with a swift tear, the paper fell to the floor. I ran my fingers over the sandpaper-like surface of the brand new skateboard and grinned. It had hot pink wheels and matching flames across the underside of the board--definitely my style.

"Thanks, Em!" I exclaimed, hugging him.

"I'll teach you how to ride it later," he promised. "It's pretty fun once you get the hang of it."

I nodded to him, and looked over to Rosalie, who was handing me a small rectangular box, covered with white wrapping paper.

"Mine next." she said, smiling as I took it from her.

When I saw the locket, I couldn't stop the gasp from coming out. It was gold, with a beautiful 'A' written on the front in small diamonds.

"Rose, it's beautiful," I breathed. "Will you help me put it on?"

She helped me clasp it around my neck and nodded in approval at the jewelry.

Alice ran over to me and handed me a thin white envelope. Inside, was a small piece of paper and five one hundred dollar bills. The paper read

Shopping Time!!! Watch out, Mall, here we come.


There's rich, and then there's Cullen-rich. With $500, I could buy Jake's dad a new television, or a better wheelchair. Not that he'd let me, but still.

Jasper came and sat a large, heavy box in my lap. Well, it would have been heavy for a human, anyway. When I opened it, I found about twenty books--classics, that I hadn't even heard about in years. Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, House on the Prairie, and The Boxcar Children were some of the ones that stuck out to me.

"Oh, my gosh, these are awesome!" I grinned. I was always an avid reader, and these would keep me busy for at least a couple weeks.

"Some of my favorites." Jasper nodded.

"Ours next," Jake cut in, passing he and Nessie's present to me. It was a guitar case--I could tell even before I took off the wrapping paper. Guitars have a pretty unique shape, after all. I thanked them and moved on to Carlisle's present. All these gifts were starting to overwhelm me. I wasn't used to much more than getting a bag of chips and a new baseball cap from the pack.

The thin, black velvet box Carlisle set in my hands felt more expensive than anything I ever owned. I carefully opened it, knowing that whatever was inside was undoubtedly expensive.

The wrist band that met my eyes was made of real silver and had a thin, cursive engraving along the side.

Alyssa Cullen

"Welcome to the Cullen family," Carlisle smiled at me. I stood up and wrapped my arms around him. If I could cry, I knew I would be.

"Thank you, Carlisle." I whispered against his chest.

He hugged me back and said, "You're welcome, Alyssa."

The present-giving carried on for another twenty minutes. Edward got me a keyboard, which he set up in my room, Esme gave me a silver charm bracelet, and Bella gave me a movie called "The Phantom of the Opera".

I enjoyed the party until about 8:30a.m., and was about to let Emmett drag me outside to practice skateboarding, when Seth showed up.

"Emmett, we can practice a little bit later. I'm going to go talk to Seth for a few minutes." I said, before walking outside, where I could smell him waiting.

"Hey, you." I called, skipping down the steps.

"Hey, Ally." Seth grinned. "Happy birthday."

He held out a small leather bag and set it in my hand.

"It's not much," Seth said, wringing the back of his neck with his hand. "Not like what the Cullens are probably giving you in there. It's just something that I made, and I don't know...I thought you'd like it."

"I'm sure I will love it." I assured him, pulling the string to open the pouch. I dumped the item out into my hand and smiled.

It was a dark brown leather bracelet with paw prints embroidered around it and my name stitched into the side.

"You made this?" I asked, examining it.

"Um, yeah," he said, scrutinizing my face to see if I was faking happiness. I wasn't.

"Seth, it's beautiful." I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him. "Thank you!"

"You're welcome. Here, let me help you put it on."

"This must have taken hours to make." I commented.

"It was your birthday. You deserve someone to spend hours on you." he shrugged. A faint blush crept up into his face, but I pretended not to see it.

"Well, thank you again." I told him, giving him another hug. "You're really sweet."

"Thanks?" he said. "I told my sister that I would be back home by nine, so I should probably get going. Happy Birthday."

I watched him phase and run off into the woods with a smile still on my face.  

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