Dreams Do Come True: Sneak Peek

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I looked up from my laptop, raising my eyebrow in a silent question as I took in my sister’s appearance. With her knitted top and high-waist shorts, I assumed she was going somewhere.

She looked disdainfully at my own attire, a pair of black pajama pants and a baggy grey shirt. “I’m going out with Todd. Don’t burn the house down.”

I shrugged and gazed down at my computer again, immediately cast into the world of Tumblr. I faintly heard her sigh and close the door to my room. It was a small room with Christmas lights surrounding the walls and posters hung up between those.

I grabbed a spoonful of Nutella as I layed down, placing the laptop on my shirt-clad stomach as I leaned my head against the keyboard, reblogging a picture of Niall smiling.

After reblogging a couple more things, I looked down to find my Nutella and Lays gone and the sun gone. I frowned. This always happened!

Sighing, I got up with a grunt and padded downstairs to the kitchen, leaving my precious laptop laying open on my bed.

As I rummaged through the fridge, I looked at the clock on the microwave and my frown deepened.


She was always back by midnight.

Shrugging, I forgot about that as I grabbed a jar of chocolate flavored yogurt and a spoon from the drawer beside me. Then I went back upstairs to live in ignorance of what was happening to my sister at that moment on the other side of the town.

I never forgave myself.


Dreams Do Come True will be written after I complete Celebrity Interview. If you like One Direction fanfiction, be sure to check out Celebrity Interview.

This is just a sneak peek! Haha, don't be mad! I've never had a story other than Southern Charm where something drastic happens to someone the character knows closely. And even in SC's case, she knew it was coming. So, I decided to make this a big part of the story about halfway through the sneak peek! 

I hope you all like this new idea!






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