Chapter Thirty-Two» Sarah Is Here

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A Broken Promise.

A simple sentence yet a sentence that ripped the world apart. Held the weight of the world on it's shoulder, for what was loyalty if all promises were broken.

He vowed to always look after me, till death do us apart. To ensure that no harm will ever befell me, yet how was it, that the world hadn't turned it's back but rather the very man. Who had promised he'd never bring a single tear upon my eyes.

The man who laid his pledges and loyalty in front of my father and brothers, to forever look after me. It was simple.

He broke his promise.

Staggering backwards, I stared shocked at him. Unable to fathom the words he had uttered. Unable to register his broken words.

Glancing upwards, I found my eyes flickering towards his dark blazing ones, dancing with an unknown emotions.  Trying to cease the words he had uttered, wanting to make sense of them.

Let me heal you

The words replayed in my mind, again and again, like a mantra. Carving it's way through my head wanting to remain on the thrones of my mind; forever living.

Taking a step backwards from his towering figure. An unknown emotion plastered on to his features making him, unrecognisable.

A large lump formed in my throat. My tears chocked back as I remained in trance, at the man before me, trying to see past him. Searching for an ounce of humanity.

" How can you mend something you've broken" I whispered softly, my voice barely audible seeing his eyes blink, followed by a morphed look of shock. A detached look that ripped the world, allowing the man to tense. Sinking in my words.

Inhaling sharply Omar took a steady step forward. His silhouette figure towering across the room, the shadows prancing in each corners.

" I can try" He replied making me scoff eternally, wanting to move away from here. Not wanting to face him.

How can he act so normal, be so normal.

I mentally whispered, swallowing down the lump in my throat hearing him talk. His words echoing past my ears.

" I know I hurt you. I fuckeď up but Naina, I swear I-I this wasn't supposed to happen. I made a promise to you and I never go back on my word Naina. I know you didn't want this marriage either, we both didn't have a choice. I swear Naina I will do anything to make you happy"

He spoke confidently, sincerity prancing through his eyes making me stiffen. My breathing labouring.

Flickering my gaze upwards at the man. I remained unfazed, not believing a word he pledged. How was it, that Omar. A man like Omar Khan. A man that reeked with authority and demanded respect merely by his presence now stood before me, a shell of a man. Wanting to heal a broken thread that was never meant to be tied. And so I whispered that one thing I knew he wouldn't agree on. That one thing that haunted my very being.

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