Left 4 Dead Day 5

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I sat down on the worn out sofa, springs poked out here and there.

"We have to get moving." I said "The infected can smell my scent now, so more will be coming." I looked at the floor in dispair. I grew to be friends with these guys.

"Well, can't you just kill them if they come again?" Hunter said.

"I would, but my gun is running out of ammo. Besides, I have things to do."

"Like what?"

"There are people I need to find. I don't remember if they were infected or not. If I don't know what happened to them I'll go mad." 

They just looked at me like "Are you nut's you'll never find them. They could all ready be dead! You'll waste your time."

"We'll go with you."

"What?" I looked at the smoker amazed "You guy's mean it?"

"What do we have to do? Right, Hunter?"

"I never said nothing about..."

"Right." Smoker looked at him sternly


I could tell he was going to come even if he said no so I wasn't worried. We set out that dusk traveling toward Casper first. I heard there was a evac camp there so that's me first bet. I found some ammo along the way so I stop reserving it. They way this worked for a while is one of them would go ahead and see if the cost is clear if so we move on if not we avoid the area. Not avoiding commons but the 'other' special infected. Light was leaving for the night sky so are travel time was up. Tonight we'll take shelter in a animal shelter maybe then i'll tell them how I got into this zombie mess; They might want to know.

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