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Chapter 5 - So this is it

(Liz's POV)

"Uh-huh," Shelley mumbled while stuffing a hand full of skittles into her mouth. She was lying on my bed, with 10 packets of chips, 5 bottles of coke, and 20 packets of sweets. And I was the fat one!

"And I was chosen for Bella from Beauty and the Beast, you know how big that is?" I shook my head in disbelief.

"Uh-huh, good for ya," she said while sipping on her third bottle of coke. She shifted in her position and placed my cute little doggy behind her head as her pillow, making him yelp.

“Hey!” I quickly grabbed him back to my lap and continued, "but you know, that's ganna ruin the whole play, I mean, me? As Belle? Who's ganna watch that? And as you know, I really don't want to miss this opportunity!" I explained the whole situation.

"Uh-huh, good for ya honey," she said as she snatched another hand full of chips and chucked them in her mouth. Oh my God, is she trying to kill me? She knows I can't resist food! And she's eating in front of me, "want some?" she noticed my lustful expression.

"NO!" I grasped all her snacks, "are you even listening? You're really no help here you know, I was just telling you about how I want to start losing weight and now you're eating in front of me? Some great friend you are!" I spatted, "and I don't even know how you can be so skinny when you can eat like that, it's just disgusting!" I groaned.

She gasped at me and her jaws dropped open, yep, she probably hasn't seen this side of me before, I was always the understanding, nice little Lizzy. "Whoa whoa whoa, calm down there Lizzy! I WAS listening!" she held out her hands, gesturing for me to give her the food, and so of course I gave in, "and this!" she pointed to all the food, "takes 20ks of running to lose, so babe, don't worry, I get fat too."

"Right okay," I rolled my eyes and waved her off. She was just annoying sometimes, she didn't understand the feeling of not being able to lose weight even if I starve for a month!

"Now now now, Fishing Queen has something to say!" she declared, "I totally understand your situation, and the only option we have is to - dang dang dang!" she spoke in a dramatic tone, and whispered the rest in my ears, like it was a despicable secret.

My brown eyes widened in shock, "what?? NO WAY!!! What are you thinking Shelley April Freeman?" And she knows I only call her full name when I was shocked or angry.

She sat up instantly and covered my mouth, "Shhh! What if someone hears you! You know how much I hate my middle name, it's embarrasing, I mean, why can't my parents name me November or December or something, so much cooler right? Anyways, not my point, what I want to say is - YES WAY! It'll work out perfectly! And it's a really smart idea now I think about it! And I know your mum will agree with me and support you to the end too!"

I sighed, and I thought she's the smart one, "Fishing Queen, you know I'll never be able to do it and you know I don't want to, I mean what-, why would I do that? My mum wouldn’t agree! And what about the play?" I shook my head disapprovingly.

"Yep yep yep, I know it's not the way you roll but! BUT! Think about your future! Just imagine, paparazzi taking photos of you picking your nose and posting it on the front page of newpapers; scandals with the hottest guys on earth; crazy stalker fans waiting for you everyday outside your door! How's that? I would kill to live like that!" she squealed excitedly, splashing the chip crumbs all over my bed.

I wrinkled my nose and rolled my eyes, Shelley was such a girly girl sometimes, but that was why I loved her really, "Uhh, I don't really want to live like that and what about my Beauty and the Beast!?" I tried to lead her back to track.