Chapter Three - The beginning of the lie

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Oliver grabbed my hand, shoving his fingers in between my own as he pulled me back out to the living room. My parents were slipping into their coats as they prepared to leave.

"Are you going?" I asked, trying not to sound as hopeful as I felt.

Mom nodded her head as dad answered, "It's late... Or early I'm not sure which but I'm sure you two would like to go to bed." My face flushed at his words; he thought we'd like to go to bed together, the same bed, both of us in one bed.

Oliver grinned at my dad, "Well it's been a long night, the bed is just calling our names," he wrapped his arm around my shoulders, keeping our fingers entwined so I was hugged up against him, trapped behind both our arms. "Isn't that right babe."

I resisted the urge to bite him.

"Alright, we'll see you next weekend dear," My mom said as she came over to kiss me on the cheek, then looked up at Oliver and I knew what she was about to do, but apparently she didn't notice my look of horror. "Oliver you absolutely must come."

I'll give him his dues; Oliver could act. He smiled politely at my mother, "Come where?"

She threw me a look, "Juliet didn't tell you?"

Oliver let out a laugh as he squeezed me closer, "Well you know what our Juliet is like, she's so forgetful."

My dad snorted then, I felt like they were all ganging up on me so I wrapped my arm around Olivers waist and dug my fingers into his hip, making him jolt slightly but he kept a straight face.

"We're having a family dinner next Sunday, I hope you'll join us?" My mom asked him, and despite my nails digging into his skin, Oliver agreed.

Once my parents had left I threw Oliver off of me, he lowered himself onto my couch and got comfortable.

"Why would you agree to go to that?" I demanded, glaring at him, the last thing I needed now was my whole family meeting my fake boyfriend, that would make our 'break up' a whole lot more complicated, and not to mention all the questions we would be asked.

We had to come up with a solid story.

"I thought that was what boyfriend's did." He said with a shrug. "I've never really been the boyfriend type, I'm over my head here." He looked like he was about to start panicking, and I couldn't have both of us like that, I had to be the sane one here.

I walked over and sat beside him, "Calm down, we'll be fine." I assured him, though I wasn't so sure my self. "All we have to do is make sure we have answers for everything." I explained while Oliver listened patiently, "They're going to want to know how we first met, when we got together, what we like to do in our spare time..." I trailed off so he had time to think.

I clicked his fingers, "We met at a pub, you refused to leave me alone until I took you home to my place and I think that makes the last question pretty obvious." He answered with a suggestive look.

"I'll kill you." I warned, earning a laugh.

"Well, what do you suggest?" He asked me.

"We live opposite each other, how we met isn't that hard to figure out, but how we got together..." I really wanted to use the naked story but I had a feeling he wouldn't go for it.

"I guess we don't really need to stray too far from the truth, maybe we just started talking in the hallway now and then and that lead to us hanging out, watching movies and stuff." I thought out loud.

Oliver looked sideways at me, "Is your family really going to want to know everything?" He asked.

I snorted a little at that, "Trust me, I've been single for a long time, you're not exactly the cat they thought I'd end up with."

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