You Are Amazing.

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You walk with light steps that dont really make a sound. The way your hair sways with your steps, covers your hazel and blue eyes that i could stare at for eternity upon such a face. The face of beauty that follows with a smile that glows when you look at me. Your arms are big for you are strong but when i fall in your arms, its like your a giant teddy bear. Your heart beats when i kiss your soft lips that are like morphine. So addicting i cant pull away to feel your lips upon mine. You make my world spins when you even glance a shot at me. My eyes can not contain such a figure of an angel. Your thoughts think other wise but mine think you are something else. Your not even an angel. Your far more than being it. Ill take your soft hand and just run with you. Where ever we go is where i want to be as long as its with you. My mind stops when i look at you and i can not speak. I get lost for words for when i try, i mumble. My heart throbs when you tell me things like promises i know you'll keep. For now, ill give you my heart as a gift and a thank you for caring and being there when i needed someone. Its in peices but if your willing to make the time to put it back together, you can keep it. Keep it with you safe and never let it go. Theres not a moment when i dont think about you. Im so proud of you, my rockstar/ronnie, my prince, and my savior of this hell hole. You have saved me from this hell that is so controlling to the human mind with a runned down society. But it is true. If it werent for you, id probably wouldnt be here today. So thank you again for giving me a chance at another love story i know we'll share for as long as you keep me by your side. <3

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