Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

The ride to Daniel's house was pretty uneventful. As soon as we pulled away from the gates he turned the music up full blast. I think I'm going to have a headache for the rest of my life.

When we pulled up at Daniel's house I couldn't believe my eyes. He lived in a mansion. I think I might have just found a small sentence starter. I can do this. Speaking to him can't be that hard.

"Whoa your house is huge," my eyes were probably bulging out my head right now.

"So you can talk!" he exclaimed, amusement evident in his voice.

"Of course I can talk, I'm not a mime" I retorted without thinking. I can't believe I just said that.

"You're actually quite funny," he laughed. Wait, he's laughing? I really don't get why he found that funny.

Breathe Maddie. You can keep this conversation flowing. I hope anyway. "Well yeah, what did you think? I'm smart so I can't possibly be funny."

"Calm down cupcake! That's not what I meant." I glared at him in response. "Okay maybe it was. But you proved me wrong."

"Whatever player shall we just go in and start the project" I asked. Talking to him like that is really going to come back and bite me in the arse sometime. Yeah I swear. I may be smart but that doesn't mean I can't swear.

The interior of his house was even more mind blowing than the exterior. It is amazing. I have to admit something though. I'm nervous about going into his room.

Has he taken me into the wrong room or something? "Are you sure this is your room?" I frowned. I really should stop.

"Hey! I may be a player but that doesn't mean I like having a messy room" he replied. That really did surprise me.

"Alright, I guess you can't really connect the two." Talking to the player is actually really easy.

"What's this project about anyway?" he asked while hopping onto his bed. He really does look hot sitting on his bed. He has blonde hair and hazel eyes that I have never actually noticed until right now. I absolutely love hazel eyes. He isn't even that bad either. I had nothing to worry about. Maybe me and him could become good friends. Maddie shake these thoughts from your head right now. Now my head hurts even more, great.

"We have to do a project on photosynthesis." He better help me. I am not doing this project on my own and then have him present it with me.

"Do we have to? That sounds boring as fuck." He cried.

"Yes we do so stop fucking whining player! You okay with making a PowerPoint?" I really regret saying that. What is wrong with me? Please let me go back in time and take that back.

"Ooh a smart girl with attitude. I like it" he whistled, "Oh and yeah a PowerPoint is fine."

"Great. You do have a laptop right?" I asked before I had time to process what I was saying. That was such a stupid question. Of course he has a laptop. He's freaking rich.

"Are you sure you're smart" he laughed. I deserved that I suppose. Really wasn't an intelligent question to ask him.

"Alright I get stupid question. No need to be such an arse about it" I replied. I may have deserved it but that doesn't mean I have to admit it to him.

"I'm sorry Maddie" he said softly while curling a piece of hair back behind my ear. Should I be worried that him doing that made me feel weird? I'm just going to assume that me feeling sparks is perfectly normal. I didn't even notice that he had moved to stand in front of me.

"Okay. Should we just write down ideas for the PowerPoint today?" I asked in an attempt to get rid of the butterflies in my stomach.

"You really are all work aren't you?" he laughed. Great, he's probably going to think that I'm boring now. I really shouldn't be worrying about this though.

"No but I came over here to work on the project remember?" I asked him. He must have a short memory or something. That or he was joking.

"Cupcake I was kidding. I'll just get my notebook" he replied while leaning to grab his bag.

So for the next hour we sat on his bed coming up with ideas. We had decided on doing eight slides. Daniel is much more intelligent than I had first thought. Especially for someone who is continuously late to every class. All this work is making me hungry.

The front door shutting snapped me out of my daydream. I looked up to see Daniel smirking out me. How long had I spaced out for?

"I'm home Daniel, could you come help me with the shopping?" his mums voice travelled up the stairs.

"You look cute when you daydream cupcake" he whispered, making me blush, before heading out the door to help his mum. I decided to follow him as I should be heading home.

As soon as his mum saw me she stopped in her tracks and turned to look at her son. "Seriously Daniel, another girl?" she asked annoyed.

Before he had a chance to answer I held my hand out and spoke. "Nice to meet you Mrs Clarke, I'm Maddie Taylor. Daniel and I are working together on a Biology project" I smiled. Speaking to her wasn't that bad.

"Nice to meet you too Maddie, please call me Fiona. You're welcome to stay for dinner." Daniel looked at the scene as if he had never seen a girl be polite to his mother before.

"Thanks for the offer Fiona. But I should probably head home before my mum starts to worry" I replied, "bye Daniel." With that I started walking home. My time at Daniel's house went better than expected. In fact I was expecting to completely freeze up for the whole evening and not be able to talk. I'm glad I didn't.


Here is the second chapter. It is slightly longer than the first one as well. Any thoughts on the first two chapters would be helpful. I would also like to hear any improvements I could make or ways to make the story better. :)

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