Chapter 4

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Avoiding Carmen wasn't as easy as Arielle planed it out to be. She saw Carmen everywhere. She brought her food to her, gave Arielle her pills, and she even brings Arielle to her therapy group sessions. Heck, Arielle sees her when walking down the fudging hallway. Carmen was like a shadow, always following her.

Even alone in her room Arielle swore she could feel Carmen watching her. The tense knot in her chest made her skin prickle with goosebumps, chills run down her spine, and her hairs stand up on edge. Arielle felt Carmen's eyes constantly on her.

It was past midnight but Arielle hadn't slept for a couple of days. She was too paranoid about what Carmen's next move was. Arielle was waiting for her to slip. Waiting for her to attack again. But Arielle's body didn't agree with her most recent choices. She had tried dancing, exercising, even jumping on the bed. Doing anything she could to fight off the tantalizing urge to sleep. It was easier said than done without coffee.

Without warning, her neck started to throb once more. Then, it grew hotter and hotter until Arielle was clutching her neck in pain. It was happening all over again. The world tilted and spun and she couldn't keep up right any longer. Arielle passed out cold on the floor, still gripping her neck.

Arielle shivered from the cold. Her outfit was doing nothing to keep out the chill of the room. Her eyes flickered from side to side trying to figure out where she was. She wiggled her toes against floor. Stone. Was she in some type of dungeon? Did Carmen drug her? Kidnap her?

As her eyes adjusted, Arielle found (not much to her delight) that she was right about the dungeon part (she could barely see due to the fact that the only light source was a couple of candles on the walls), but she didn't see Carmen anywhere. In fact she didn't see anyone, just a lone coffin lying in the middle of room.

The coffin seemed too extravagant to be in such a dreary place. The polished white wood gave off an eerie shine from the candles and it had such elegant designs made from (what it looked like to Arielle) gold. Arielle hesitantly stepped forward and got a closer look at the coffin. The golden waves and swirls hypnotized Arielle. It was more beautiful than anything she's ever seen before.

Arielle jumped back when the coffin started to open. Gracefully, a familiar  figure rose from it. The vampire's eyes immediately found Arielle's. They glowed amber in the dark. The vampire hadn't changed since Arielle last saw her. Her dreadlocks still pulled up into a bun on the back of her head, the same grey sweater and black pants, the same analyzing look in her eyes as she watched Arielle. Arielle felt like she was sizing her up (for what she had no idea).

Her beauty almost knocked Arielle over. Arielle could see the vampire more clearly now than in the clearing when she had been chopping off the heads of the others vampires.

Arielle opened her mouth but was rendered speechless when the vampire suddenly appeared in front of her. Arielle gulped and pulled at her collar. Was it hot in here? Her heart sped up and her stomach felt like it had bats instead of butterflies in it. Arielle felt the sudden urge to touch the vampire's face. She wanted to see if her skin was as soft as it looked. Arielle's fingers twitched but she isn't dare move as the vampire drew closer to her. The vampire's raised her arms, trapping Arielle against the wall (not that Arielle minded). Arielle was sure her heart stopped when she felt the vampire press her body against her own. The vampire's eyes grew brighter.

"Where are you?" She demanded.

Arielle's legs felt like jelly. Her voice was even more alluring. It was deeper than Arielle expected it to be and it made Arielle want to spill her guts out to the vampires.

"M-Mason's Institute," Arielle embarrassingly stuttered out.

"Rouge vampires are after you. They want to destroy the evidence of their attack."

Arielle nodded. "I know. One of them is my nurse. I keep trying to see when she'll attack again but she hasn't yet. I think she wants me to think I'm safe when I'm not," she explained.

The look in the vampires eyes changed as she spoke. She seemed mildly impressed with Arielle's conclusion. Arielle beamed, happy that she had gotten some other reaction out of her.

"Most humans don't recognize vampires through their glamours. Their brains are too dull."

Arielle's smile dimmed. She didn't know if to take that as a compliment or an insult. Arielle decided to take it as a compliment because she seriously doubted that she would get anything better from the aloof vampire.

The vampire's gold eyes travelled down Arielle's face and neck until they reached the spot where she had bitten Arielle in the clearing. Her fingers brushed against the bite sending sparks through Arielle's body. Arielle shivered but not from the cold. When the vampire pressed her fingers firmly against the bite, Arielle's legs did finally buckle and she fell onto the vampire. The room was engulfed in a white light and Arielle couldn't see anymore.

She jerked awake on the floor. Through the window Arielle could see the sun was just coming up. Her body creaked and popped from lying on the floor most the night.

Did that really just happen? It felt real. Arielle felt something warm and sticky on her hand. Pulling it away from her neck, she saw that her bite mark had started to bleed. Although this time it didn't hurt. Arielle still felt the faint aftermath of the pleasure from the vampire touching her mark. What did that mean? Was she really coming? 'Maybe she'll get me out of here,' Arielle thought merrily.

Arielle was so lost in her thoughts about the vampire and escaping that she didn't notice Carmen walked in with her breakfast. Arielle jumped when Carmen placed a hand on her shoulder.

Carmen frowned unapproving at her. "You've irritated your wound."

Carmen pulled one of those two circle bandaids and covered the mark. Arielle almost gagged from the revolting feeling she got when Carmen touched her bite mark. Arielle perked up a little. Maybe she could freak her out a little bit. Get some psychological revenge on Carmen.

"Hey Carmen, I had a strange dream last night."

Carmen smiled at Arielle like she was glad Arielle was talking to her. It made Arielle want to roll her eyes.

"What was it about?" Carmen asked pleasantly.


Carmen didn't seemed phased by the information. Arielle felt a tiny bit of disappointment before she decided she'd amp it up a bit.

"Yeah. There was this beautiful white coffin with gold designs all over it...."

Arielle told Carmen her dream. Not how the vampire made her feel or how the vampire coming back to kill off the rouge vampires, but Arielle told her what the vampire looked like. Arielle wasn't stupid. If Carmen knew about the vampire coming after her and the others they would book it out of here faster than lightening.

Arielle watched in sick glee as Carmen's eyes widened in fear.

"D-did she ask you where you were?" Carmen's voice trembling sent a giddy feeling through Arielle.

Arielle tilted her head as if she was thinking about Carmen a question.

"No. She didn't speak."

Carmen noticeably relaxed at her words. She didn't stay around long before hurrying from the room. Probably off to tell whatever vampires were left from that night about my dream. Hopefully the vampire would be here by tonight. Hopefully Carmen would be dead and Arielle free.

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