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Ok so here's your request! 

A few things I gotta say for people who want to request things;

1. Please ask politely. The more rude you are the more I don't wanna do it

2. Be specific. If I ask you to elaborate, elaborate the best you can to create something clear for me to draw. Otherwise I have absolutely no idea what you want if it's something specific. If it's something that I can google, like say a fanart of a game, then it's fine to be less specific because I can find something online for it. If it's an OC be descriptive or give me a ref.

3. Don't be pushy. Don't constantly ask when I'm going to finish. Art takes time for me sometimes. But don't be afraid to give me a little reminder every once in a while because I forget things!

Thanks for understanding guys :)

(Spoiler alert there's gonna be an UnderTale fanart soon that I'm super excited to be doing :3)

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