Five years ago

Kiki pov
I was going to tell jax the news about me

being pregnant.I walk into the house and see

my sister on jax's lap kissing him I couldn't

believe that he would cheat on me. I let out a

strangled cry and they broke apart before I

knew what to do I said "I want a divorce" and

ran out of the house.I didn't look where I was

going and then I saw a car out of nowhere hit

me I was in total darkness and peace.

chapter 2
Jax's pov five years ago

I still remember that day five years ago when my Kiki died.

The car was going to fast and I couldn't get to her in time.

All I saw was the blood and her body in a

weird position I ran to her and I cradle her in

my arms and cried because I really did love her

But because of my stupid mistake I got her here

I wish to God I could take back me cheating

her never being hurt but I wasn't God and I

couldn't reverse time.😢 while I wait I here

the ambulance sirens from a far distance.


A couple of hours later still in jax's pov

I remember when my world stopped my

father told me that Kiki died due to the loss

Of blood and that she had a miscarriage in

that second I found out that I was a father

but not anymore and from that day forward

all I felt was numbness.

I hoped you guys liked it this is my first book so if you have any ideas you want me to do you can message me

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