6 Months

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Well, hey there! Long time no see :) I finally had time to update school and moving had me busy! And I personally just haven't been in a good place but now I am doing better and writing more so yeah!

Dedicating this chapter to Kyliessss, because you is amazing and so are her books!

Narrator's POV (in other words the POV Third Person)

Amber is 6 months pregnant.

After finding out the she was having twins Amber was more scared than normal. She was terrified because she has heard so many stories about having more than one child would be a nightmare. The damage kids causes to marriages. Its has stressed her out to the point where Cristiano was reassuring her that everything will be fine and he was the one who originally scared to have a baby at all.

Their relationship was going great. They spent more time together talking about the babies, they went on dates, and were constantly making sure each other was happy. Cristiano was trying to keep Amber from stressing out too much. Too much stress isn't good for the baby.

Amber was sitting on her living room couch when she heard the front door open and slam shut.

"Amber," she heard Danielle call out.

The two women have been working on their relationship after finding out the Amber was having twins. They were twins their relationship was terrible. Amber wanted her twins babies to grow up together and have a great a bond, you know have each other's back but how can she tell her children to do something they she couldn't do her self.

Plus, after hearing about what Danielle was going through Amber knew that Danielle needed her. And she wasn't a heartless person. She could be rational and put the past behind them.

"Yeah, Dani! I am in the living room," Amber yelled to her older sister. (A/N: I couldn't remember who was older, so from here on out Danielle is the oldest)

Danielle walked into the living room and smiled at the sight of her pregnant baby sister sitting on the couch. Seeing Amber pregnant brought back the memories of her pregnancy. Danielle grimaced after thinking about the custody battle that would ensue after her divorce was final.

She quickly shook off the thought, "Well, look at you!"

Danielle walked over to Amber and sat beside her. She grabbed the remote and turned down the tv so they could talk.

"What is going on, Danielle? You look so sad!" Amber said. She was genuinely concerned about Danielle because she looked like she hasn't slept in ages.

"Nothing, its just the same old thing. The divorce and the fact that Ethan is basically trying to take everything away from me," Danielle sighed. "I just don't even want to think about it. So how are thing going with you and the babies?"

"Everything is fine. The doctor said they are a bit small for how for along the doctor's are going to prescribed some medicine to give the babies some nutrients," Amber said.

"That's great in need my nieces or nephews to come out strong and healthy! So, have you put any plans together for our birthday? Its coming up pretty soon and I really want to do something together!" Danielle exclaimed.

"Yeah, we definitely can do something together. I would rather you plan it because I have to plan the baby shower soon and I am still working on the nursery. I have to get two of everything now," Amber frowned.

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