Story 1: Period

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Story One


Rating: Mild

*Made Up*

My name is Anonymous

when I was 10 years old me and my best friend, Laci, who was 11 years old asked me if I started yet and I was like 'started what' and she told me it was a period and its what girls have when they become a woman.

She said that their blood comes from their 'virginia' and I was grossed out and I asked if she started yet and she said 'yup'

She asked me if I wanted to see what it looks like and I said 'sure' because I thought she was lying

Turns out she wasnt lying because she pulled off her shorts and her thong (dont ask me why se was wearing one, she wanted to look sexy) and sat on her bed in her room and spread her legs wide open.

She told me to 'look at the blood' and I did and I was so grossed out I puked on her bed and she screamed.

Then her mom came in and she saw the puke and saw Laci's virginia and asked we were lesbians and I was like 'what are lesbians?'

Then Laci got grounded and wasnt allowed to see me again until she got her priorities straight.

Now, I'm 14 and Laci is 15 but she is also a lesbian and is classified as bipolar.

The End