Chapter 25

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(Your POV)

"Remember the true you."Her sweet voiced echoed through the darkness."Remeber the true me?"You questioned."Yes.The beautiful child that i loved and always will."Your mother said."Y/N,I got you a gift."She said as she pulled out a pendant.You smiled as she put the necklace around your neck.

"M-Momma,this is the necklace me and dad got you when you were sick."You said looking down at it."I know but this necklace is special. It has your true powers in it,the true you."She said as she bent down to your height."Momma,I love you."You said as you hugged her.

You pulled away getting dizzy."You must go now my sweet.Get your friend back."She said smiling weakly.You nodded before seeing a bright light then a flash of darkness.
"Y/N!"Ciels voice rang through your head."Y/N wake up!!"He yelled as he shook you.You slowly opened your eyes."C-Ciel?"You said softly.You looked over to see Claude.

"Bastard."You sighed under your breath.Claude glared at you.His face didn't show it but his eyes did,failure. You sat up.'M-My head.'You swung your legs of to the edge of the bed.'I....need to find father.'

You covered Cielois' ears(Not yaoi girls,though its kawaii)and shouted,"DADDY!!!!!"

Uncovering Cielois' earsand moving your hands to his eyes,your father walked in."Yes,Y/N?"He said calmly."I'm sorry."You said looking down at the ground."Y/N its fine.I knew Faustus had something to do with it."He said hugging you.

You didn't hug back due to you covering Cielois' eyes.You gave you father a kiss on his cheek and told to leave before Cielois gets upset and he did so.You uncovered Cielois' eyes."I'm sorry I had to do that."You said before leaving the room.''Tonight I will get you back Ciel.''You said as your necklace started glowing.

"Jewels."You said as you continued walking."Yes mistress y/n."Jewels said appearing by your side."Tell father I will be I n the woods.I can't lose someone else that I love."You said saying the last part under your breath."Yes mistress."Jewels said before disappearing.

You walked out the front entrance."Lady Michaelis."Hannah's voice echoed through the courtyard.You stopped and glanced over at her."Don't worry I'll be back tonight."You said before leaving.

You heard a shrieking noise."Grell-senpai?"You said looking up.You saw a hill that had two figures standing on it.It was your father and Grell.You began to walk towards the two.

"Senpai?"You said standing beside him.Grell turned around to look at you."Y-Y/n-chan?"Grell said smiling.You looked at his swollen face."Sebastian did it."You said frowning."Father!Stop picking on him!!Don't worry Grell your still beautiful."You said patting Grells back.

"Anyways I just wanted to say to you father.Tonight I will be getting Ciel back for you even if costs my life."You said smirking."I know I'll probably win.I learn from the best demon."You said before your necklace started glowing again.The necklace grabbed your father's attention.

You looked down."Crysta's -Subaru kun your adorable!!- necklace."He said slowly.He walked over to you and smiled weakly.
"Achoo!"Your mother sneazed yet again.You looked up at her worried.You stood on your tippy toes and put your hand on her forehead."Daddy is mommy gonna be okay?"You asked as you looked at your father.He smiled softly."Yes she'll be fine."

He held your hand as you two walked from the hospital."Daddy?"You said looking up at him."Yes n/n?"(your nick name)Hr said smiling.You smiled."Let's get mommy a gift.One so pretty she'll feel better."You said jumping in the air making a heart with your hands."Yeah."He said looking at you as a small chuckle escaped from his lips.

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