First time you felt a real connection. (Preference)

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Joffrey Baratheon: It was your first time alone together and it was in his chambers before he left for a hunt.
"My lady, do you have everything you need? Please, do tell if you need anything at all. I will give it to you." He drawls on like its a rehearsed speech as he cleans his crossbow, looking up at you every once in while to look you over.
You give up on the awkward silence and you sit next to him on the lounger at the foot of the large bed. You cautiously place your hand on his thigh and look into his crystal blue eyes.
"I have everything I could ever imagine, your grace." You smile and kiss his cheeks before moving to get up until he drops his crossbow to the floor and pulls you into a tight hug and kisses you deeply. It was unexpected and unplanned, unlike the other times you and him had kissed.
"I've never been so excited by a woman, don't change princess." He whispers as he leads you to the door.
You knew from that day on that we were deep down the rabbit hole, there was no escaping those feelings.

Jamie Lannister: You and him were walking through the halls of the red keep and he was looking into your eyes.
"My gods, you have the most amazing eyes." He says as he takes your hands in his own.
"Thank you Sir Jamie, my mother always said that the eyes were the window to the soul." You blush and look into his bright blue eyes. You couldn't help but feel a click. You might just be in love with the king slayer.

Khal Drogo: You and him were riding horseback together, you had only just been married and you were still a bit scared of him.
"Khalessi." He grunts and look a you.
"Yes, my Khal." You had still not mastered darthraki and you were trying so hard.
"You look nice on horse back." You smile as he said that, maybe the English tutoring was paying off."
"Thank you Khal Drogo." You whisper and you smile wide, maybe this wasn't that bad.

Jojen Reed: You and Jojen felt a connection for the first time when you were hunting and you both dove for the deer at the same time with your wooden weapons and collided, It was very funny at first then you both realized you only collided because you were thinking the same.

Jonsnow: You and him were sword fighting when after much practice and a long time of effort you finally beat him. He was as stunned as you were but that developed the connection between both of you.

Robb Stark: The first time you felt a real connection was when you beat him at archery getting a 10 for everyone and putting each of your arrows through his. You sat down shocked but then began giggling especially when you saw his facial expression then he tackled you for beating him and you burst in a fit of laughter.

Bran Stark: You and Bran felt a real connection when you were climbing a really high tower when you both got to the top you sat on the roof and somehow felt obligated to kiss him.

Tommen Baratheon: You and him felt your first real connection when you were almost raped by a peasant and he saved you, while you sat in his chambers having a drink to calm yourself he sat with you running his hand along your shoulders and throwing a question at you every second mainly involving "Are you ok?".

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