Chapter 25: Let's Fix These Broken Pieces

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Commander's POV

I looked at Winter with my eyes softening as she smiled back at me. I loved this girl as if she was my daughter and it truly angered me that she had felt along for so long, that Will didn't take better care of her but I couldn't completely get mad at him- the loss he experienced was... Unfathomable.

My smile slowly left me as realization began to dawn on me. "We aren't safe here anymore." I announced to the group in front of me as I finally stood up to pace. It was time to explain it all.

"A couple years back, there was a leak in our devision, someone let on the whereabouts of you and your mother that was strictly sealed in our private, high clearance records. That was how they were able to get to you and your mom that's one day, they made it look like a car accident and that's exactly what we had to write in the official report- no one could know about who we were and what we did. When I read into the case file, I was led to believe that it was just a clean kill, that your mother was the target because of her affiliation to her husband- your father, but now... Now I'm not sure." I replied honestly, trying to make Winter understand in the short amount of time we had left.

"What about my grandmother? It was both files 801 and 802 that Tyler and I couldn't access." Winter explained as her eyebrows scrunched up in confusion.

"File 802 is above my clearance. There are only a few things that are above my clearance and usually it's if someone with a very high rank in the criminal networking is in the Witness Protection System." I stated, as I grabbed my jacket. "We need to leave right now, I'll explain everything when we get to a more secure location. I'm positive Shaq's men are very close and now that I've revealed the truth, we are all liabilities to them, they will leave no one alive." I explained as I grabbed my gun from its holster to check the bullet counts before reloading it. Winter, Jess, and Tyler quickly sprung to their feet, grabbing their belongings before fallowing me down the stairs and out the front door.

"We can head to my home." Jess stated as she is here us into her car. I said my silent goodbyes to my sweet sweet Sarah, my car, jumped into her car, and drove off.


When we arrived at Jess's, she quickly led us into her house and up to what I presumed to be Williams office.

"Father." She said, as we entered his study.

"Jess-" he started when he looked up but immediately stopped when he and I made eye contact. Worry quickly swept across his face as he stopped what he was doing and stood up straight. "I can explain sir-" he started but I quickly waved my hand to cut him off.

"We will talk about our breached agreements later, right now, we need your help." I more so ordered than asked. It made my blood boil at the awkwardness between him and Winter- he was supposed to be her father! But that was an issue for another day.

"It's happening and we need ammo. Please tell me you kept a stash for a rainy day." I pleaded, looking at him with some hope. If William couldn't provide, we were royally fucked. He pushed himself away from his desk and walked toward one of the three individual bookshelves on the right wall.

"Help me with these would ya" he asked me, holding one end of the bookshelf. I walked over to the other end and pulled while he pushed. We heard the creaking of the wooden boards and the bookshelf from the friction the oak was creating.
After we pushed the bookshelf completely over, I looked over to find myself staring at another door.

William reached into his collared sweater and pulled out a key attached to a chain around his neck. He bent down slightly and slid the key into the lock. He turned it all the way clockwise until we heard a faint 'click' and the door sprung open.

"Holy shit." Winter whispered as William disappeared inside. We all tentatively walked in after Will, unsure of what we were doing. As we entered the secret room, we were greeted with guns.

Lots and lots of guns.

Anywhere from handheld to machine operated, while shotguns hung against the wall.

"Jesus Will." I whispered, taking in the sight before me.

"After Mona, Winter's mom, died, I upgraded." Will said simply, picking up a rifle.

"Is this even legal? Don't answer that. I don't want to know." Tyler quickly dismissed it, looking around like he'd just walked through a wardrobe and entered Narnia.

"This'll do?" Will asked, looking over at me.

"This'll do." I replied, nodding my head approvingly.

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