Chapter 1: Mai Ding Was Very Ordinary

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Translator: Miah

Mai Ding was the type of person who would easily disappear or blend into the crowd. Every day the same routine kept on repeating. He thought of living the life of a superhero and save the world, but he couldn't fly, nor did he have the courage to wear red briefs on the outside. Imagined living an exciting gunshot and conspiracy life like Infernal Affairs (translator note: a 2002 Hong Kong crime thriller film), but started from the beginning of this year, it was illegal to carry a gun around. Imagined having a passionate and romantic love life like in the movie "Romance in the rain" but it was nearly impossible to find a woman like Yi Ping (lead actress of the film).

So, at the end of the day, Mai Ding was still just an ordinary Mai Ding. Even though he had some low self-esteem, he was never sad. Most of the time in his life, Mai Ding was always smiling and stayed cheerful.

Mai Ding's biggest dream was to be an overnight millionaire, which is why he always bought lottery.

At the moment, Mai Ding was gloomily packing his bed. After graduating from high school, Mai Ding was having the time of his life by staying home for 2 whole years until his mother could no longer stand seeing him like that. So she threatened to cut off his allowance for lottery tickets in order to force him to go to university.

University, a place which is full of desire. On the outside, it is a den of sexual needs and immorality; on the inside, it is a place for males and females to have large social gatherings. It is a place where dreams are crushed. This is how Mai Ding perceived university to be, very extreme in nature.

Just when Mai Ding was deep in his thought, he was interrupted by a voice saying, "You also stay in room 502?"

Mai Ding turned around to see this bespectacled guy whose hair was so long it almost covered his eyes, he was carrying loads of luggage, which he placed across from Mai Ding, before he continued: "Then we should be roommates from now on, my name is Li Ming."

"Mai Ding." Mai Ding smiled at Li Ming as he instantly concluded about this person: Average looks and a face full of pimples.

"How old are you, I am 19."

"I am 17." In fact, Mai Ding was 20 already but he was still extremely shameless, just like any typical woman with her age, very secretive about disclosing it to people.

"17? So young yet you are studying in college already?"

"Haha ~ ~" Mai Ding's laughter was a little dry.

Based on Mai Ding's observation, his new roommate was a closet geek as he always seemed to be doing some secretive things on his computer that can't be known to others. Other than that, Li Ming was a rather nice guy. Hmm what will my university life be like? Thinking like that, Mai Ding drifted to sleep as he dreamt about winning the lottery and became an overnight millionaire.


Mai Ding checked in to school a few days earlier, so he had no lessons for those days. He went to buy the scratch lottery tickets and he was scratching while walking back to the dorm. As soon as that silver layer was being scratched away, his face turned darker as he accidentally cursed: "Fuck man, what's the point of hinting to me in my dreams if you don't let me win."

After his sentence, he was using the key to open his room door when he noticed a guy, who was much taller than Mai Ding, standing outside the door.

"You are a friend of Li Ming's right, you two were watching those dirty things together again? Not that I'm judging but yesterday the noise was so loud I couldn't sleep. You guys should go find a girlfriend because it is not a solution to keep that all in. Watching those things can only help you release temporarily, but using your hand too often is bad for your body my friend." Mai Ding tried to insert the key into the keyhole but it couldn't fit in.

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