Chapter Twelve

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"That was t-terrible," I say running into my room and throwing my shirt into the dirty clothes hamper. Scott ran inside after me, soaked and shirtless. 

"C'mon," he says walking into the bathroom and grabbing a towel to wrap around his shoulders. "It wasn't that bad until you...and that guy..."

"I can't b-believe that guy t-threw up on me," I say still grossed out by what happened. 

It was the sixth ride we were getting on at Palmerston, and I will admit that I was having a grand time there with everyone. Scott and I were getting on to the ferris wheel and I was actually enjoying myself when out of nowhere a big chuck of pizza mixed with whatever else was thrown up onto me. And the thing is, this guy was a big muscular dude why looked like he could handle himself, I mean if a guy like him is gonna throw up on a ride don't let it be the ferris wheel, throwing up on a ferris wheel is literally one of the most unmanly things to do.

That's also why Scott is shirtless. After the guy threw up on me he decided to not let me walk around with throw up on my shirt for the rest of the day and he gave me his shirt to wear.

But his shirt didn't do any of us very much good once it started raining. And by raining I don't mean it started out as a drizzle and we all got a little wet but it's fine. No, it wasn't like that at all. In fact I'm not even sure how a downpour can start as quickly as that one did. We were on one of the rides so there was no getting off when it started raining. By the time we finally got off we were all soaking wet and the one hour drive back to campus in freezing wet clothes didn't help my bad mood much.

"You can't tell me that you didn't have any fun at all," Scott says sitting on the bed and leaning back. He places his hands behind his head, showing off his very defined biceps.

"Getting t-threw up on c-can always ruin a fun time."

"I guess I can't argue with that," Scott shrugs climbing off the bed and walking over to the dresser. "I'll check the weather report next time we go so we don't get rained on though. I'm gonna go take a shower."

Next time?

As Scott goes to get changed I decide to climb into bed and at least try to study. Missing the first day and a half of my classes definitely wasn't something that I intended to happen when I left for college, and if I start slacking now my grades are definitely going to suffer. 

So for the next half an hour I just read through the books that I already have and try to learn something that I don't already know, even though I've already been through most of the books I brought with me to college at least three times at this point. 

At some point I finally get tired of sitting in my soaking wet clothes, so I decide to get up and change. I was going to wait until Scott got out of the bathroom so I didn't have to change in the middle of the room. I don't know why but I would just feel awkward changing in the room. But seeing as Scott takes literally forever in the shower and probably isn't considerate enough to remember that I'd actually like to shower to, I decide to just change in here. And maybe it would have been fine had I not decided to take me shirt and pants off before actually getting any clothes out.

So yes, as I'm shoving stuff around in my dresser in nothing but my bra and underwear, Scott just so happens to walk out of the bathroom in nothing but his towel. But I don't hear him straightaway because me being me I have my earphones in, so yeah I was a little surprised when I turned around and saw my practically naked roommate ogling my practically naked body.

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