White Sparrows: Love Ripped From Your Grasp(one-shot)

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Hey everyone!

I’ve been in love with this song for so long that I have decided to write a song-fic/one-shot on it. And since I just reached 50 fans (which is freakin’ awesome if you ask me) I have decided to dedicate this one-shot to misslalaland23 who was kind enough to fan me(: Thanks a bunch!

Any who, this is a Fanfiction about Jasper and Alice because they are the best twilight couple ever (I’m just so familiar with these two that writing with them is natural I guess). I’m actually quite glad and relieved that misslalaland23 is a twilight fan (phew). The song I’m writing with seems to fit Jalice amazingly, that is if Alice ever died.

So yeah, if you’re reading this on the computer, I’ve been kind enough to put the song on the side video bar and if you’re on the wattpad app, well make sure to listen to it at some point!

The song I chose is called, White Sparrows by Billy Talent. I am not really a fan of him but my cousin made me listen to this song and I fell in love with the lyrics (and I could clearly picture Jackson Rathbone singing it xD).

Disclaimer: I do not in any way or form own Twilight or the characters, Stephenie Meyer created them and all credit goes to her! I do not own the song either; all credit goes to Billy Talent and the respectable owners.

So here it is, my hopefully good one-shot! ;) Hope you enjoy!

White Sparrows: Love Ripped From Your Grasp.

Here I was again, walking up onto the stage I left so long ago.

Here I was again, looking out at the crowd of drunken strangers, unhappy business men, half clothed women, and miserable people drowning their sorrows in alcohol.

As I stepped onto the creaky wooden boards that made up the small bar stage, I kept thinking to myself, why are you here again Jasper? I didn’t have an answer.

Taking a seat on the worn, black stool, I caught the gaze of four familiar people.

My best friend, Emmett McCarty, my cousin, Rosalie Hale, my brother-in-law, Edward Cullen, and Edward’s wife, Bella Swan were all here. They were here to support me and to take the next step along with me.

I gave them a small half smile and took the microphone off of its stand. Clearing my throat, I addressed the crowd, “Hey everyone. Hope you’re havin’ a good night.” A couple drunken voices cheered but then the room when silent.

“Uh, I’ve asked my good friend Peter if his band would back me up with some music.”

Peter stepped onto stage with his guitar and the rest of his band members took their seats by their instruments.

He waves slightly and took a seat beside me, leaning towards the mike. “How are ya’ll doin’ tonight?” More sloppy cheers and slurred voices sounded.

I smiled slightly and cleared my throat. “Tonight, we’re gonna treat ya’ll to a song by the talented, Billy Talent. Any of ya’ heard of White Sparrows?” Again cheers erupted around the bar.

“This song goes out to an amazin’ woman who stole my heart, loved me well and has my trust in keepin’ my children safe,” I murmured into the microphone. I glanced at my family, gathering strength from their presence.

Peter started playing, taking that as a cue. The other band members joined in and I waited until the right note to sing.

I inhaled deeply and began, “Today, I walked down our old street, past the diner where we’d meet, now I dine alone in our old seats.”

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