Royal Bloodlines Academy ~Watty Awards~

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Thanks for reading(: I wanted to let you know that I'm trying to work out which stories to keep and which ones to ..Not keep:D  So I want to know whick ones you want me to keep. 

*Bloodlines of a She-Wolf

*Battle of the Sexes

*Poems About Love & Other Things <3

* And then this new one

So, this is a new kind of story. There aren't a lot of stories out there that are about boarding schools just for werewolves, so I came up with the idea:D It's a new and fresh idea, which I hope you will enjoy! Read,Vote, & Comment! And I know it's kind of mean, but I'm not going to upload until I get at least 50 votes(I know it's a lot, but I'm really trying to see if this idea is worth making into a story.)



Royal Bloodlines Academy (otherwise known as R.B.A.) is a very special academy. In fact, it is the most elite school in the United States for werewolves and shifters like myself.

I, Lexi Rose Maraine am the daughter of Alpha Jordan Maraine. Otherwise known as the King of all the packs in the U.S.  Which makes me the Princess of all U.S. packs.

All of the royal and elite Alphas send their children to R.B.A. so they can learn how to fulfill the many responsibilities of being an Alpha's blood and, if you are a first born, what it is like to be an Alpha. There are over 600 Alphas in the U.S., so  there are almost 3,000 students in R.B.A.

Out of all the 3,000 or so students that attennt the prestiguss academy, I'm getting roomed up with none other than Trey Masons.

Who is Trey Masons? He is only the son of Alpha Rick Masons. Alpha Masons pack is the second most elite pack next to my dads. At one time they were pretty much tied for the most top Alpha.

My dad taught me to hate all of the Masons from the day I was born,, and they were probably taught to hate my family just as much!

I usually don't listen to my parents about who to like and who not to like, or on a lot of things to be honest. But if there was ever an occasion where I could get out of socializing with Trey Masons, and didn't. I would be in enough trouble to revoke my spot here at school.. It sounds harsh doesn't it?

Yeah I know! FML!

No. Fuck Trey Masons!

And this school!

It looks like my fabulous and fun experience just turned into the worst possible thing that culd happen to me. Maybe it was just a mix up though. No they don't mess up things at this school! It looks like I'm going to have to suck it up and live at Royal Bloodlines Academy. With Trey Masons as a roomate. For the next four years!!

Gee, thanks Mommy and Daddy!!!

Thanks for reading(: I know it's really short, but it's supposed  to be! After all, it is the prologue:D

So let me know what you think by





Love always


*Hugs and Kisses*

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