The Truth of Jane, The Witch Twin

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Hey readers, I randomly got this idea for a book so I hope you like it. It is a fan fiction based on the Twilight Saga. I love the books, but not so crazy about the movies, no offense to anyone who likes the movies. This book takes place shortly after Breaking Dawn in the Twilight Saga. As those of you who have been reading on my other book, The Blind Slytherin Heiress, know I like to try to come from a unique direction on these fan fictions because I know the usual fan fictions can get repetitive and boring. Also I love showing the "bad side" from another view.

Hope you like it and please comment, vote, fan, whatever you like so that I know you want me to continue! I'm going to start this like I did my last book with just the prologue, waiting to see what sort of reactions I get from my readers (who's comments and opinions I ALWAYS read and take into account ) I give full credit to Stephanie Meyer and her works, I am not trying to claim any of her characters, ideas, or ect. as my own. The main character, Jane, was created by Stephanie Meyer and I give her full credit for that. 

I don't really see the need to put some background info since most people who read this will have already read or watched Twilight and the others in the series. If you want me to make a chapter of some background info, just let me know!!

Peace, Love, Dinos forever, Slytheringal <3


Prologue- Jane's POV

Jane stared numbly out of her bedroom window, watching from the shadows as humans below went on with their lives. If only they knew that from the shadows lurked monsters such as herself. Jane knew she must always be careful with what she thought or else Aro would have Chelsea intensify the bond she had forged to tie Jane's loyalty to the Volturi. In truth, Jane hated the Volturi and what it had done to her.

Ignoring her twin, Alec, she stared with envy as the weak humans moved freely. Although they were pathetic, no more than a meal to Jane, they had more freedom than she did. When was the last time she made friends, shopped for her own outfits, or was even kind to another being? Years. Decades. Since she had joined the Volturi, Jane had become cold on the outside to protect herself so that others would not see her scared form on the inside.

"Jane, Heidi has brought dinner. You must eat now, sister." Alec finally said, his low and monotone voice filling Jane with anger and resentment. Few were allowed to be free from Aro's strict hold. Jane was only allowed recently when Aro felt she handled the newborn incident in America well. Although her freedom was only allowed while in the Voltur's castle, she relished every mili second of it. 

Most of the guard was kept under tight bonds by Chelsea where they were no more than zombies, pawns of the head three. Marcus, Caius, Aro, Chelsea, and Jane were the only one's not under this control at all times. Chelsea, of course, could not put the bond on herself and she wouldn't dare manipulate the elders. 

Turning, Jane nodded stiffly to her empty shell of a brother. He wasn't the Alec she loved and played with as a small girl, he was just a pawn for Aro to control, to gain power. Sweeping every emotion off her face, Jane with head held high walked down the corridor to where the screams emanated. They had  started without her, she thought as she pushed the large oak doors open with authority. 


After she had drained her second meal, Jane casted the body over her shoulder indifferently and made her way to the throne room where Aro had called for her. Standing in front of the three powerful vampires could be intimidating, but Jane had overcome this years ago. They would not dare risk loosing her, their greatest member. Member, Jane scoffed silently, she was no member but rather an object to them. 

"Ahh, my dear Jane, how are you my child?" crooned Aro with his sickly sweet voice and false smile. Using her own fake smile, Jane bowed and assured him she was quite well. Blocking out his usual ramble, Jane waited until he got to the point to begin listening. "I would like you, Alec, and Felix to pay a visit to the Cullens and make sure their half-breed daughter is aging. Also, see if you can gather information on their shape shifters," purred Aro as he smiled down at her as if she was a child. She may only be fourteen but she was not a baby! Keeping her frustration controled under her cool and indifferent mask, Jane thought about this. She would get a break from the castle, but he would put her back under the bond and have the other two with her. Sighing, Jane nodded, her eyes flickering up to her 'master's'.

"Of course, Master. When shall we leave?" Jane used her innocent and soft voice that always got her what she wanted when she was mortal, now it served to keep her in the good graces of Aro. Jane almost felt her dead heart leap with joy when Aro 'sadly' explained that Chelsea was away with Afton, her mate, and that Jane would not have the 'comfort' feeling to the Volturi during the mission.

Suppressing a smile, Jane nodded, agreeing that is was a tragedy but being the loyal servant, she would still go on this quest for her master. Now there was only the problem of her twin and Felix, Jane thought as her plan began to form in her mind. 

"Aro, if you do not mind, perhaps it would be easier for me to gather information if I were to go alone. The Cullens and their watch mutts will be on guard if they sense we may mean harm," Jane softly suggested, praying with all her might that he would agree. 

"Hmm...Well." Aro began..


Jane pulled up her hood as she stood in the entrance of the alley. Sprinting into the night, a sense of stillness crept over her as she was running alone for the first time in decades. Pausing, she looked down at the small creek before her. Staring into her reflection, Jane almost let out a gasp of horror. Now that she was free of the bond, she could see herself clearly with a fresh mind. The face before her terrified her. The emotionless, blood red eyes stared back at Jane, their pools seeming to go on forever into nothing. Jane raised a delicate hand to her face where the reflection showed a mask of authority and indifference. This is what they had made her, this is the monster she had become.

Dead and empty.

Jane shook herself from her depressed thoughts and stood straight with new confidence. She could do this, she could escape and change what they had done. WIth all doubts and fears locked away, Jane sprinted into the darkness, towards the ocean. She would be going to Forks, yes, but not for what Aro intended. 

No, Jane sprinted for her immortal life, for her freedom and new life.

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