Chapter 18: His Story

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NaMi's POV

"So... mind telling me this dilemma of yours that you really needed my help?" I asked.

"Actually, there's this girl I used to know," He stated.

"Okay... it's about a girl." I said nodding and anticipating what's he going to say next.

"And I like her." He confessed more of like a statement though.

"Okay... so there's this girl and you like her, woah.. woah.. woah.. did you just approach me and say that you like a woman? No need to brag that you like her. Just tell everyone else. Not me." I stated and was about to leave when he pulled my wrist for the enth time already. Just one more pulling and I'll fly off this building! Literally.

"That's not the problem yet. Here's the thing. She used to be Luhan and I's bestfriend yet I knew she fell for Luhan yet I also don't know if Luhan fell for her. I've been keeping this in secret for like years and I just wanted to share it to someone who probably has an advice to my problem. SO I thought it would be a great help if I ask from you since you're the only girl I knew in this school." He stated and I was like really? I mean I thought it'll be a no big deal at all well, yes for me, it's not a big deal yet it's a big deal for him. Why can't he just move on? I mean she likes Luhan and as for Luhan... well, we'll have to find out first. 

"First of all. I don't have any advice to you since I'm really inexperienced when it comes to those things," I half lied at that part though. It's not like I should be telling him that I'm experienced to those things and stuffs.

"You're inexperienced?" He asked in amusement. I just rolled my eyes as a response.

"Like you care." Roll eyes again.

"Second, It's not a big deal at all. Like really. I mean there's a lot of girls out there trying to eat you alive just by their stares at you. So why stick to one when there's a lot of choices? You never know what it'll bring in life." I stated which is very agreeable.

"And lastly, move on." I stated and he seemed not satisfied yet. Well at least I listened to his problems and tried to advice him.

"How am I going to move on when she keeps on appearing on my mind? You know... like those broken tapes replaying and replaying over and over again?" He asked.

"I know it's difficult to forget someone but as time pass by, feelings fade. As time pass, wounds heal yet scars are always there. Yes, you may be able to move on but you'll never forget the things that had happened in the past yet you won't be hurt once you reminisce those things because you've move on." I exclaimed and I didn't know that those words came out from my mouth yet the impact was very strong. I was greatly affected by it. I remembered him suddenly.

"Hmm... you seemed like an expert when it comes to this." He stated which made me raise an eyebrow.

"I am no expert. I just read those things from books and movies, you know?" I said.

"Hmm... I guess you're right. About everything you said." His voice softened and I can clearly see from his eyes hopelessness and pain. It must've affected him that great that he even made it a big deal.

"It's alright. Eventually you'll move one. Trust me." I stated and beamed at him. Well, seems like my little advice was worth it.

"Then, help me move on." He said which I didn't expect from him.

"Woah.. woah..  you just asked me some advice and now you're asking me to help you move on? No way, just go solo!" That maybe harsh but the thing is, I do not know how to help someone try to move on. It might be an epic failure though.

"Hmm... remember about our deal? If I won the deal then you're going to help me. Not only being my slave but also help me move on. Get it? Whether you like it or not I will pursue that deal and no more complaining." Whut... I just helped him and this is what he gives in return? This spoiled brat... really. Ugh... giving me stress again.

"I decline your offer, mister!" I refused since it really was so unfair. I mean he gets to do all things he wants in his way. What is he a god? Psh... I pity myself. Tsk. Tsk. I got even involved in this kind of chaotic relationship with him and a very injustice agreement. What have I done wrong in my life?

"Ah! Ah! Ah! No more complaints. We've got two weeks more to go before the elections of the SSG officers start." He reminded and I'm not that forgetful to forget. I've always been counting the days left and prepared so much things just for the election yet he came and made a deal that if ever I win as an SSG president then he wins the deal and I will be his slave and the other way around. Aish... just thinking about it makes me spinny and dizzy.

"Ugh!!! You idiotic jerk who's always been spoiled! Ruthless brat! Umm.. uhmm.. whatever!" And that I gave up. It's useless arguing with him. I was about to leave when he pulled my wrist. As what I've said I'm going to fly out this building if he pulls me one more time and punch off his face. I don't care if it bleeds just as long as I breakfree from him yet his grip is tighter so no use of breaking free. For the first time in my life, I felt like a dog walking with it's owner and controlling it. Tsk. tsk. tsk. I welcome everyone to my messy life.

"Yah! This is the enth time already! Why do you keep on pulling my wrist and minute now it might break!" I screamed in pain and he spoke which I didn't expect for him to say.

"From now on, you're going to stick to me."


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