Chapter 7

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Stealing Hearts 6/11/13

Chapter 7

Allison’s POV

“Honestly! What the ‘ell Harry! You didn’t have to fuckin grab her and make her bang her head. God! Oh god Ryan, what is he going to say. God Harry oh god.” A familiar Irish voice calling from the distance wakes me with a pounding headache.

“Damnit Niall, you think I didn’t realize that! I could’ve done a lot of different ways to get back my damn wallet back but I knew that if I asked politely then she would’ve slammed the wooden door flat in my face.” A deep slow voice yells back to the familiar Irish one who I am guessing would be Niall since he is the only Irish guy I know.

“Gray? Can you open your eyes please?” A soft yet high voice calls me officially out of my painful slumber.

“You don’t think I know that either! She can be a pain to work with but ya could’ve done it when everyone was around so we could’ve helped ya mate! She probably thought it was some rapist trying to rape her or something.” My eyes open to brightness blinding me beyond so many levels. A hand covers the light in front of my eyes and I sigh in relief. I follow the arm up to its owner, which happened to be Louis.

‘Thank goodness love. Can I get you anything? Any painkillers or some tea maybe?” He questions softly being careful to avoid loud noises unlike the two idiots who like to yell at each other when someone was trying to sleep.

“Don’t be so god damn protective Niall! You aren’t even dating her. It’s just a little bump on her head, bet she won’t even feel it when she wakes up. You don’t even have to worry!” Harry try’s reassuring Niall who I bet had steam coming out his ears.

“Some tea would be lovely. And maybe to get these two idiots out the room would be nice too.” I say rolling my eyes. Louis immanently gets up and pushes his selves up to his elbows as if this was going to be a hard job. He walks past me bumping into my laid out arm.

“Niall. Harry. If your going to fight, get the hell out this room so you don’t bug Gray.” I peek over the couch watching as both the boys eyes go wide before taking off in a quick but quiet run out the room. Louis winks at me before walking out to the kitchen to make some tea. I laugh taking a pen and old magazine off the coffee table in front of me.


Dear Louis,


You should’ve known. I’m not the tea kinda person! Most people in America aren’t big tea drinkers like how y’all are in Europe. I really should thank you. You got Niall and Harry out of my way. So much easier for making a quick exit. Tell Niall that I am perfectly fine and will probably see him sometime soon even though I really don’t want to meet up again, but that has never stopped the eager One Direction know has it. Also, tell harry that the credit cards are under the magazine and I kept all the cash. Well I should also tell you that when you bumped into my arm, I grabbed your wallet from your pocket. That’s the art of pick pocketing, but being the nice friend I am just took the five hundred cash you had in there and left the rest. Y’all should stop having large amounts of cash in your wallets. I heard that there are thieves around here. Now Lou, I got a job to do and I really should be going. By now your probably realizing that you should’ve gone after me once you realized I was gone like any normal person would’ve done. But honestly, abnormal people are the best aren’t they? We should know eh Lou? We ARE the best at being abnormal. I heard that Kevin has also visited you too?! Congrats! Kevin must really like you; he does talk about you a bunch. You should hear what he has to say. A lot of it is about how you love carrots! Is that true? I like carrots but I think I like Sour Patch Kids better. Dunno, just what I like, gotta represent you know? Do you know what money is made out of? Parents say trees but when they say ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ are they lying? You should ask Liam because he would know! Do you have an Instgram? Maybe I’ll follow you since I only follow cool people? I bet you have a bunch of followers huh? But only one of them is as cool as me, and I’m pretty cool so that’s hard to bet. I honestly didn’t know that it took this long to make some tea but knowing you, you probably made it all fancy and is going to be sad that I won’t be there to enjoy it. I shall give you permission to drink it for me though since I am not here and have only left this paper in my place. Finally getting to the end. You haven’t been very smart Boobear! I’m disappointed, you should’ve gone after me as soon as you realized that I was gone but you didn’t. You didn’t even come after me after I pointed it out in this long time consuming letter that was absolutely pointless. Just trying to get me some time. Now it is to late to even try looking for me since I am probably at my next job ready to get paid.

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